President of Knowledge Services Nominated for CyberScoop 50 Awards

Last updated Jan 30, 2024  |  Published on Sep 14, 2022
by Todd Taber

Joe Bielawski, founding member of StateRAMP and President of Knowledge Services has been nominated for a CyberScoop 50 Award. This prestigious award recognizes leaders in both the public and private sectors, honoring their efforts to protect vital networks, personal information, and critical infrastructure to protect citizens and safeguard American networks.

Bielawski is honored to be nominated for Industry Leadership, a category that recognizes organizational leaders with a demonstrated ability to think creatively and solve big problems for the betterment of their community, according to CyberScoop.

As a founding member of StateRAMP, a nonprofit that aims to create a standardized approach to cybersecurity for State and Local governments, Bielawski was instrumental in bringing together a Steering Committee of thought leaders to ensure long-term organizational success. StateRAMP has since become an established industry leader in public-private sector partnerships. Find out more about participating governments on StateRAMP’s official website.

“I’m honored to be named among true visionaries in the modern cybersecurity landscape,” Bielawski says. “The field of nominees shows that cybersecurity is a complex topic that requires innovation and leadership from every sector. I’m truly proud of the work StateRAMP has achieved since its founding and I look forward to StateRAMP continuing to evolve and serve government and private sector leaders as new challenges and opportunities emerge.”

Bielawski has extensive experience in government programs, in IT thought leadership, and most passionately, in serving people. His focus on service continues through his commitment to StateRAMP’s ongoing involvement to make the digital landscape a safer, more secure place.

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Knowledge Services invites you to vote for Bielawski in the Industry Leadership category today to commemorate his ongoing efforts to create new opportunities for cybersecurity and continuous compliance for governments and the providers who serve them.

StateRAMP Nominated for Innovation of the Year

In addition to Bielawski’s nomination for Industry Leadership, StateRAMP itself has been nominated for Innovation of the Year, a category that CyberScoop says spotlights initiatives, new technologies, or novel approaches that promise to improve how governments, industries, or the public at large approach cybersecurity.

At its core, StateRAMP represents the shared interests of State and Local governments, third-party assessment organizations, and service leaders with IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS solutions. As an advocate for strong but fair cybersecurity standards, StateRAMP works to bring together service providers, policymakers, industry experts, and government officials to drive the future of cybersecurity.

After launching in January 2021, StateRAMP has grown immensely, building powerful bonds with government leaders, cybersecurity experts, and private sector innovators each day. With 95 products on StateRAMP’s Authorized Products List and more than 100 Provider Members, StateRAMP is charting a new path forward for the ongoing security of critical infrastructure and institutions.

Vote for StateRAMP as Innovation of the Year at the CyberScoop 50 Awards. 2022 has been a year marked by momentum for the organization, and each StateRAMP Team Member would be honored to receive your support.