Knowledge Services Unites to Support Ukraine

Last updated Jan 30, 2024  |  Published on May 26, 2022
by Todd Taber

In late February, Ukrainian citizens’ lives were upended as Russian forces invaded their country. Relief group World Vision estimates more than 7 million Ukrainians were displaced from their homes in the months that followed. In light of this ongoing humanitarian crisis, Knowledge Services and its Team Members are taking action to offer comfort and support to the people of Ukraine.  

Knowledge Services has a tradition of charitable giving, and the invasion of Ukraine was a clear catalyst for the company to unite. Knowledge Services decided to match all employee relief contributions, effectively doubling Team Members’ charitable giving and directly aiding Ukrainians in need.  

The company identified multiple aide organizations Team Members could choose to support, including: 

Charities Focused on Children: 

Health Service Charities: 

Humanitarian Efforts: 

I’m immensely proud of the way Knowledge Services united to provide comfort and relief to the people of Ukraine,” Julie says. “Our mission of service extends far past the United States, and donating to Ukraine is one way Knowledge Services has been able to aid those in need.”

Read on to learn what motivated two Knowledge Services Team Members to donate to Ukrainian relief efforts and how it felt to know their donations would be matched dollar for dollar. 

Supporting Ukraine’s Children & Families

For Kate Smith, Federal Account Manager at Knowledge Services, taking action to support families and children in Ukraine was critical. Kate’s husband is a Major in the Indiana Army National Guard, and she watched news reports with her sons about the dire conditions families just like her own were facing each day in Ukraine. 

“I have two sons, so I asked myself what I would do if those were my children,” Kate says. “It’s easy to put yourself in that position. Ukrainians live and work and love just like us, so it was important to put myself in their shoes and imagine what families must be feeling now.” 

Kate decided to donate to Save the Children and says Knowledge Services’ decision to match contributions motivated her to contribute to Ukrainian relief.  

“Knowledge Services has always had a philanthropic mission, and it’s part of what drew me to the company,” Kate says. “The company aligns with the issues I care about and donating to Ukraine was another example of giving back and helping people whenever we can.” 

Kate plans to continue helping Ukraine as she is able and believes Knowledge Services’ companywide work to aide Ukraine is central to its mission statement of serving those who serve others. She says Knowledge Services’ work with Indiana’s Division of Family Resources and Arizona’s Vocational Rehabilitation programs are just two examples of how Knowledge Services improves outcomes for children and families. 

“The situation in Ukraine reminds you to give back,” Kate says. “Our mission to serve those who serve others ties directly into serving those in need around the world as well.

Providing Medical Relief for Ukraine

Software Development Manager Mike Born says when he saw news reports emerge from the earliest days of the invasion of Ukraine, he felt immediate sympathy for those who were injured or forced to flee their homes.  

“No one asked for this to happen,” Mike says. “The people of Ukraine are in harm’s way, so I had to think about what it would be like to be in the country and the impact the invasion would have on my family.” 

When Mike learned of Knowledge Services’ plan to match Team Member contributions to bolster relief for Ukraine, he knew he would donate and that his donation would be made even more impactful with Knowledge Services’ program. Mike is married to a doctor and decided to support Doctors Without Borders.  

“I knew Doctors Without Borders would have the personnel and resources necessary to get into Ukraine and make a real difference,” Mike says.  

He plans to stay informed on the latest updates in Ukraine and monitor how he can be of greatest assistance to Ukrainians in need. Mike values Knowledge Services’ drive to give back to those in need.  

I want to work for a company that makes a difference and does good in the world,” Mike says.