5 Ways Military Veterans Enrich Knowledge Services

Last updated Aug 15, 2023  |  Published on Nov 9, 2022
by Todd Taber

Knowledge Services is always searching for talented, driven professionals to join our team. In our nearly 30 years of operation, Knowledge Services has counted hundreds of active duty and military veterans as Team Members. Their discipline and commitment to success have shaped our organization since our start, and we’d love to share five ways service members have enriched Knowledge Services.

1. Dedication to the Mission

Each day, Knowledge Services is on a mission to serve those who serve others. It’s evident in everything we do: from Staff Augmentation and Survey Management to Cybersecurity Solutions and Vocational Rehabilitation, our company is always seeking ways to help our partners excel. For many active and former service members, Knowledge Services has been the perfect organization to continue their own mission of service with government leaders, tech innovators, and workforce managers.

2. Leadership at Every Level

One of the keyways active and former members of our nation’s armed forces have strengthened Knowledge Services is through their innate leadership. Whether guiding a teamwide strategy session or working one-on-one with their colleagues, Team Members with military backgrounds understand the power of effective leadership. Since our earliest days, Knowledge Services’ military Team Members have helped the entire organization lead with confidence.

3. Commitment to Inclusion

Knowledge Services’ former and active-duty military Team Members represent many walks of life, skillsets, and professional experiences. Commitment to respecting diversity has truly established the company as a welcoming home for professionals with military experience. Members of the military recognize the importance of making every member of their team feel valued, and that quality has inspired every Team Member to learn and grow at Knowledge Services.

4. Understanding Cyberthreats

Many members of the military have extensive IT training, which has made Knowledge Services stronger in a number of ways. Some Team Members have joined Knowledge Services and worked to support dotStaff, our proprietary Vendor Management System. Others have directly enriched Knowledge Services’ work as the Program Management Office (PMO) for nonprofit StateRAMP, which seeks to develop a standardized approach to cybersecurity. No matter what team they join, members of the military understand the urgency of verified cybersecurity.

5. Ability to Adapt & Advance

Military members are committed to service, but maintain a remarkable ability to adapt as necessary to advance the mission. Knowledge Services is an open, collaborative organization, and military Team Members’ ability to adapt successfully to new projects and opportunities has been a driven force in Knowledge Services’ decades of momentum.

Thank You from Knowledge Services

As we draw closer to Veterans Day, Knowledge Services thanks each active duty and former member of the military who has chosen to continue their mission with Knowledge Services. We depend on your ingenuity and experience to guide our teams and strengthen our service each day.