NASPO ValuePoint & Utah Cloud Co-Op

Published on Jun 12, 2024
by Todd Taber

NASPO ValuePoint is a division of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), a non-profit association dedicated to improving public procurement through leadership, excellence, and integrity. NASPO ValuePoint is a unified, nationally focused cooperative aggregating the demand of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the organized United States territories, generating the best value, innovation, and competition in the marketplace. Being awarded a NASPO ValuePoint contract offers numerous advantages for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). These advantages also extend to government clients who serve as Participating Entities on the contracts, and staffing vendors and resources alike.  

Main Benefits of NASPO Contracts

NASPO contracts allow Participating Entities, including State and Local government, to: 

  • Increase the overall quality and speed of professional needs and procurement. 
  • Provide coverage for all participating entities by implementing and configuring a web-based system. 
  • Add value in the areas of professional procurement and utilization. 
  • Reduce costs associated with professional engagements and management. 
  • Minimize time spent engaging professionals and ensure compliance with the participating entities’ policies and procedures. 
  • Track, monitor, and manage contractor subcontractors’ performance. 

How to Participate in NASPO Contracts 

There are 3 main ways interested parties can take advantage of NASPO contracts.  

  1. Statewide Participation. Your state signs a participating agreement for all legally eligible state agencies and political subdivisions to have access to the contract. The state negotiates the terms and conditions for their state directly with the contractor.
  2. Non-State Entity Participation. If the state chooses not to utilize these services but has no objection to political subdivisions doing so, they may sign a participating agreement for non-state entities. The state negotiates the terms and conditions for their state directly with the contractor.
  3. Non-Participation Alternative. Should the state choose not to sign a participating agreement, there are still options for political subdivisions to access this contract. The political subdivision or contractor must send an email request to

NASPO ValuePoint then emails the state Chief of Procurement Officer requesting approval for the political subdivision to participate in the contract. Upon approval, the political subdivision drafts the participating agreement and sends it to the contractor. After negotiations between the political subdivision and contract reach an agreement, a fully executed copy of the participating agreement is sent to NASPO ValuePoint.

Knowledge Services’ NASPO ValuePoint Contracts 

NASPO ValuePoint IT Vendor Managed Service

Through NASPO contract 22PSX0086, Knowledge Services is 1 of 4 awarded MSPs that use a Vendor Management System (VMS) to provide information technology (IT) staffing resources, payroll staffing, and staffing support related to IT contingent workers. Knowledge Services also assists Participating Entities with Statement of Work (SOW) drafting.  

The Participating States for this contract include Colorado, Lead State Connecticut, Hawaii, North Dakota, and New Mexico. The contract was awarded on November 1, 2023, and will expire on October 31, 2026, with renewal limits ending on October 31, 2029.  

NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions

The NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions contract provides a variety of cloud solutions and offers developers the opportunity to partner with existing resellers with master agreements. The State of Utah, in conjunction with NASPO ValuePoint, sought to provide cloud solutions. Knowledge Services is proud to be one of the awarded contractors for this contract.  

This contract is available to all States except Michigan. Knowledge Services was first awarded this contract on September 2, 2016. The contract is set to expire on September 15, 2026. 

The Knowledge Services Difference

Knowledge Services’ core mission is to serve those who serve others. By holding two NASPO ValuePoint contracts and as a leader in cloud services and Staff Augmentation, including the IT labor category, Knowledge Services can uniquely serve State and Local government Participating Entities across the United States. For more information on Knowledge Services and our NASPO contracts, contact our team today