How a Statement of Work MSP can Improve Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Published on Jul 31, 2023
by Todd Taber
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Across the United States, leaders from government and higher education are discovering the ways a Statement of Work MSP can streamline project management. But the benefits of choosing a proven partner for Statement of Work requisition, release, and fulfillment provides numerous advantages beyond streamlined project management.

Choosing Knowledge Services for Statement of Work initiatives can help every public sector organization—towns, cities, states, higher education and more—reduce costs and improve overall organizational efficiency. Explore some of the key ways a trusted MSP can reduce your administrative and financial Statement of Work burdens.

How an MSP for Statement of Work Saves Money

Choosing a Statement of Work MSP can help every public sector organization reduce the overall costs associated with projects.

Multiple Proposals for Review

A Statement of Work MSP ensures the client receives multiple proposals to their Statement of Work from qualified suppliers and consultants. This plurality of choice gives leaders from government and higher education the ability to review multiple proposals and find a solution that best solves their obstacle or challenge. Not only do proposals from multiple suppliers present multiple possible solutions, they will each come with associated project costs to assist stakeholders’ decision-making.  

Best and Final Offer Strategy

One of the main ways your MSP reduces costs associated with Statement of Work projects is by streamlining the entire procurement process, including cording a Best and Final Offer (BAFO) session before the client makes their final selection on a supplier’s proposal. Best and Final Offer notifications ensure the suppliers who respond to a client’s Statement of Work present compelling projects at affordable rates, helping Knowledge Services’ clients find the best solution for their challenges and budgets.

How a Statement of Work MSP Drives Efficiencies

Not only can an MSP help you reduce costs associated with your Statement of Work initiative, they can make the entire project more efficient and streamlined. 

Reducing Procurement Process Time 

Working with an MSP enables State and Local government as well as centers of higher education to greatly reduce the time and administrative burdens associated with procuring a Statement of Work supplier or consultant.  

Knowledge Services has ample experience helping government leaders and higher education stakeholders navigate Statement of Work projects effectively, clearly articulating a client’s needs to the supplier network and then facilitating an efficient, goal-focused procurement process. While the client retains full control over which supplier/consultant is chosen for a Statement of Work, Knowledge Services expedites the entire process. We use our nationwide Statement of Work experience to cut down administrative slowdowns from the process, connecting our clients with qualified responses quickly while ensuring full supplier and consultant compliance. 

Effectively Managing Supplier and Consultant Network

One of the chief advantages of working with an MSP like Knowledge Services is the simple fact that an MSP will effectively manage the entire network of suppliers and consultants. Working with Knowledge Services for your Statement of Work initiative means your organization no longer has to oversee supplier and consultant insurance requirements, licensing, credentials, and other key compliance-related issues. Knowledge Services handles all of those concerns, ensuring each Statement of Work supplier or consultant is fully compliant and cleared to serve the client.  

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