KSU 101: A Guide to Growth

Published on Jun 19, 2024
by Nina Kirch

Knowledge Services University (KSU) is a learning and development (L&D) platform designed to help team members strengthen various skills. Launched in August 2022, KSU has been consistently growing and evolving, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the L&D team. Team members Andrea Burow, Jimmy Wingett, and Nicole Klinger provided helpful insights about KSU and its mission. Andrea, the catalyst behind KSU, shared that its mission is to create exceptional learning and development opportunities to drive team member success. 

What is KSU? 

KSU is an internal professional development platform with a variety of libraries to explore. Through researching and understanding the benefits of a comprehensive learning management system (LMS), Knowledge Services saw a need for KSU. Partnering with WorkRamp, the L&D team can optimize KSU through the user-friendly interface, resulting in seamless content creation. When speaking with our partners at WorkRamp, Andrea provided 5 ways L&D can impact employee productivity. Some tips include creating a collaborative workplace culture, starting with a powerful framework for learning, and making room for fun along the way, which KSU enables. KSU exists to upskill and reskill team members, create a culture of learning, and improve retention 

Types of learning 

Prior to KSU, there were other initiatives, such as onboarding and specific department training, but these modules were not as continuous and accessible as KSU. L&D has therefore capitalized on its journey to create a continuous learning atmosphere and culture. The importance of continuous learning is encouraged through the variety of KSU courses. Some common types of continuous learning are structured learning, social learning, and self-directed learning.  

  • Structured learning is often seen in a classroom or based on a curriculum. This could also include the required training for a new position or role, like some courses at KSU.  
  • Social learning is completed through collaborative efforts, which are typically more informal. Social learning can take place during team brainstorming sessions, mentorship efforts, or discussions.  
  • Self-directed learning happens when team members get opportunities to complete modules or courses at their own pace. This gives employees flexibility to choose what they want to learn and improve on, and continuously grow.  

The L&D team has strategically organized the KSU libraries into three categories: compliance, directed, and self-selected. 

KSU Evolution

Since its launch, KSU has been wildly successful at Knowledge Services. Last year, this platform was recognized and celebrated with the LEARNIES ‘Out-of-this-World’ award hosted by WorkRamp. This was a great honor and acknowledgment of the L&D team’s efforts. KSU has grown 456% in the last 13 months, which highlights the expertise of the team.  

With Knowledge Services’ 30th anniversary underway, team members have been challenged to complete 30 different modules between now and the date of the anniversary in September. This initiative allows managers to empower their teams to develop skills outside of their day-to-day responsibilities. The L&D team is energized by team members asking about their progress and showing enthusiasm toward the KS30 challenge. 

The Value of Knowledge 

KSU is an integral part of our company culture, aligning with one of our core values, Knowledge. It encourages a continuous learning atmosphere and acts as a knowledge base to reference certain questions or topics that may arise. 

Our mission at Knowledge Services is “Serving Those Who Serve Others,” which is significantly strengthened by KSU’s contributions. Loyalty and investment in this mission help team members better serve others and themselves through educational opportunities. Our values, Knowledge, Integrity, Innovation, and Service have contributed to what KSU is today. 

Unlocking Potential Through Continuous Learning 

KSU has fundamentally transformed our learning and development approach, surpassing the effectiveness of previous initiatives. By offering compliance, directed, and self-selected courses, KSU meets various learning needs and encourages everlasting improvement. The focus on continuous learning supports the personal and professional development of team members, giving them opportunities to challenge themselves and grow. Knowledge Services is constantly evolving, just as KSU encourages team members to do the same.