The 4 Pillars of Knowledge Services

Published on Jan 30, 2024
by Bradley Spurlock

Certain values stand as pillars that define the essence of a successful company. With a mission to serve those who serve others, our shared set of beliefs at Knowledge Services consists of Knowledge, Integrity, Service, and Innovation. From the pursuit of knowledge, upholding integrity, delivering exceptional service, and embracing the spirit of innovation, these four pillars serve as our guiding principles. These values shape our approach, unlocking our full potential.


The learning culture at Knowledge Services mirrors its fundamental mission and pillars; championing, endorsing, and unleashing the full potential of each team member. Fulfilling our mission to cultivate success in the lives of both clients and employees, Knowledge Services places a strong emphasis on learning and development (L&D). Through ongoing initiatives and an extensive library filled with professional development modules, Knowledge Services offers education in many ways, stressing the importance of continuous learning and its benefits.

KSUniversity, or KSU, is the L&D hub that promotes opportunities for team members to learn, develop, grow, and thrive. Serving as a dynamic platform that offers various types of learning experiences, KSU offers structured and self-directed courses, ensuring that employees can grow where they see fit. Structured courses are assigned training, specific to each team or initiative. These courses include onboarding modules, team training, and ongoing initiatives, such as security awareness training and the Young Professional Series. The Young Professional Series acts as a developmental workshop for team members early in their professional careers where they can gain insightful information from leaders within KS. Self-selected courses, on the other hand, are curated to address in-demand skills. Team members can choose from courses in business/professional development, technology & software, and wellness/personal development. Knowledge Services has seen remarkable engagement through KSU, with 87% of team members self-enrolling in learning content for their personal or professional development. On average, team members dedicate approximately 12 minutes each week to viewing course content.

“I appreciate how intentional the L&D Department is with KSU trainings. It is also great to experience first-hand how open they are to curating team-specific training programs. The successes for year two truly are limitless!”
– KS Employee


We firmly uphold the principle that, in business and in life, honesty is always the best policy. It’s not just about being ethical; it’s about creating a service that people can trust, guided by transparency in all our service offerings. We take pride in our integrity and in doing what’s best for the people we serve.

We also emphasize integrity in our technology. All Knowledge Services technologies strictly adhere to the NIST 800-53 compliance framework. The NIST 800-53 framework is a comprehensive set of guidelines and controls that we rigorously implement across our technological infrastructure. This commitment ensures the protection of our team members against potential vulnerabilities and gives our clients the peace of mind that their data and operations are handled with the utmost, proper care. Our dedication to integrity extends beyond a statement; it’s a concrete practice that proves our commitment to delivering trustworthy services.


At Knowledge Services, we view service as a fundamental component of our identity, which extends beyond our interactions with team members and clients. We actively engage in various programs and events aimed at positively impacting the communities we serve, a commitment demonstrated by our ongoing charitable efforts. Our belief in the importance of giving back drives us to continuously seek out opportunities to uplift and support those around us, embodying our commitment to making a meaningful difference beyond the confines of our business endeavors.

This commitment to service also extends to our clients. Knowledge Services is committed to serving those who serve others. This has been reflected in our services, especially through the continuous refinement of our cloud-based proprietary technology, dotStaff. Every aspect of the VMS is built and refined to ensure it has the specific functionality, security, and accessibility that government and public-sector organizations require. This dedication displays our focus on delivering exceptional support to our clients, ensuring they receive the full value of our solutions.


Innovation at Knowledge Services is about leveraging creativity and forward-thinking to drive meaningful progress and make a lasting impact in everything we do. Through this commitment, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to better serve our team members and clients.

One of these opportunities has been through our in-depth, cybersecurity initiatives. Knowledge Services serves as the program management office (PMO) for the non-profit, StateRAMP. Through this partnership, Knowledge Services facilitates a seamless and straightforward process for state, local, and educational (SLED) institutions, when considering contracts with cloud service providers. By conducting cloud security assessments, StateRAMP and its PMO remove the burden from their members, allowing them to focus on serving their communities. Through the expertise gained from this partnership, Knowledge Services created RAMPxchange. Set to launch in 2024, RAMPxchange is a cybersecurity marketplace where cybersecurity advisors, consultants, and 3PAOs can efficiently find new business opportunities with both public and private sector organizations. Knowledge Services is continuously discovering ways to improve the cybersecurity posture for our clients, team members, and the nation.

Instilling Our Values 

Through our family-centered roots and our people-first outlook, our primary mission is to serve those who serve others. From continuous learning initiatives to innovative processes, we ensure to serve our community and have our clients’ best interests in mind. Knowledge, Integrity, Service, and Innovation serve as our guiding principles to unlock our full potential.