How StateRAMP’s PMO Streamlines Cybersecurity Compliance

Last updated Jan 30, 2024  |  Published on Feb 3, 2022
by Todd Taber

When state and local governments begin the process of becoming StateRAMP members, they not only take action to safeguard their cloud-hosted data and protect their infrastructure, but they’re also able to focus on serving their constituents more effectively. 

By becoming members of StateRAMP, state and local government leaders benefit from the organization’s dedicated program management office (PMO): Knowledge Services. With more than a quarter-century of experience serving governments, Knowledge Services is one of the nation’s leading Managed Service Providers (MSP), serving more than a dozen state accounts. As the PMO for StateRAMP, Knowledge Services is committed to helping members stay at the forefront of information security compliance.  

Discover how Knowledge Services helps StateRAMP members surmount cybersecurity compliance issues and offers exceptional ongoing support.  

At the Forefront of Cloud Security Compliance

Knowledge Services’ President, Joe Bielawski, understands the unique challenges state and local governments face in verifying cloud security standards. Bielawski and his team recognized that many government leaders realize the importance of verifying cloud security standards, but are hampered by ambiguous security thresholds, the lack of available cybersecurity professionals, and the limitations of their budgets.  

To make cloud security verification simple and streamlined, Bielawski began working with his Chief Information Officer and Information Security team to support StateRAMP’s mission by conducting security reviews and validating cybersecurity posture for clients, helping bring the same security parameters FedRAMP utilizes to state and local governments. By helping facilitate cloud security assessments, StateRAMP and its PMO remove a host of administrative and technological burdens from members, allowing them to focus on serving their community.  

With deep experience in government workforce solutions, Knowledge Services has a keen understanding of the importance of cybersecurity standards in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS environments. As the StateRAMP PMO, Knowledge Services recommends appropriate security statuses by reviewing all continuous monitoring documentation, providing monthly product updates, and alerting government sponsors of any critical changes to their risk profile. 

PMO Expertise at Every Step

As the StateRAMP PMO, Knowledge Services removes the burden of cloud security verification from government members. Knowledge Services is committed to helping members every step of the way, from initially joining StateRAMP to ensuring ongoing adherence to new security standards and protocols. 

Knowledge Services creates processes to allow agencies, state and local governments, and service providers to comply with StateRAMP security authorization requirements, including: 

  • Aligning agency-specific security and privacy requirements with StateRAMP authorization fundamentals 
  • Enabling agencies, state and local governments, and service providers to request to begin the security authorization process 
  • Offering guidance for agencies and states to satisfy StateRAMP security requirements when a desired service provider has not been prioritized for review by the PMO 

In addition, the StateRAMP PMO gathers and prioritizes authorization requests and assessment results for review by authorization prioritization criteria provided by the StateRAMP board. The PMO also maintains the StateRAMP approval queue on an ongoing basis. 

Knowledge Services has implemented a secure credentialing management system to catalog authorization requests, government-preferred security packages, and packages approved by the Board. When acquiring cloud services, the PMO uses templates approved by StateRAMP to satisfy security authorization requirements using standard contract language and service level agreements. All security documentation managed and maintained by the PMO is housed in a FedRAMP Moderate solution tightly controlled with strict access security standards and information-sharing protocols. 

The PMO also attends committee meetings, including the StateRAMP Standards & Technical Committee and StateRAMP Appeals Committee sessions to stay at the forefront of emerging cybersecurity issues. 

It All Begins With Membership

Agencies, state and local governments, and service providers interested in learning more about StateRAMP or Knowledge Services’ work as its PMO can receive a free, one-time consulting session to learn more about security categories and determine which classification is appropriate for the provider. To engage the PMO beyond this initial meeting, agencies, state and local governments, and service providers must first be members of StateRAMP. Contact StateRAMP today to learn more about how your organization can benefit from StateRAMP and Knowledge Services’ expertise, insight, and innovation.