NASPO ValuePoint IT Vendor Managed Service

Published August 31, 2020
by Kate Smith


The State of Connecticut was the lead state partnered with NASPO ValuePoint, receiving input from five other states, including Indiana, Nebraska, Connecticut, Delaware, and New Jersey. The goal of this procurement was to award providers who have state government experience managing the information technology temporary workforce. In procuring Knowledge Services to provide managed service provider (MSP) services, clients realize an increase in overall quality and speed of IT professional needs and procurement through the implementation and configuration of our web-based vendor management system (VMS).


Knowledge Services’ MSP program also provides value in the areas of IT professional procurement and utilization, as well as cost reduction associated with IT professional engagements and management. Our local program teams relieve administrative burdens by facilitating the entire workforce engagement and oversight process, thus minimizing the time clients spend engaging IT professionals and ensuring compliance with the participating entities’ policies and procedures. As the MSP, Knowledge Services tracks, monitors, and manages subcontractors’ performance, resulting in the best resources at the best price.

Contract Number:14PSX0338AC

Current term:August 31, 2020 

Total term expirations:August 31, 2022


This Knowledge Services contract includes:

  • Recruitment and performance oversight of IT professionals
  • Statement of Work (SOW) completion, approval, and transmission
  • IT professional candidate résumé submission and selection
  • IT professional candidate ranking methodologies
  • Scalability and flexibility to unique participating entities’ needs
  • Timekeeping, invoicing, and process oversight
  • Reporting (both standard and ad hoc)
  • Online search and query functions

This contract allows participants to:

  • Increase the overall quality and speed of IT professional needs and procurement.
  • Provide coverage for all participating entities through implementation and configuration of a web-based system.
  • Add value in the areas of IT professional procurement and utilization.
  • Reduce costs associated with IT professional engagements and management.
  • Minimize time spent engaging IT professionals and ensure compliance with the participating entities’ policies and procedures.
  • Track, monitor, and manage contractor parties’ (subcontractors’) performance.


Take advantage of this contract through three available options:

  1. Entire state. Your state signs a participating agreement for all legally eligible state agencies and political subdivisions to have access to the contract. The state negotiates the terms and conditions for their state directly with the contractor.
  2. Non-state entities. If the state chooses not to utilize these services, but has no objection to political subdivisions doing so, they may sign a participating agreement for non-state entities. The state negotiates the terms and conditions for their state directly with the contractor.
  3. Non-participation alternative. Should the state choose not to sign a participating agreement, there are still options for political subdivisions to access this contract. The political subdivision or contractor must send an email request to, including the following information:
    1. Main point of contact from the political subdivision
    2. Full name of the political subdivision
    3. Phone number
    4. Email address
    5. Physical address

NASPO ValuePoint then emails the state Chief of Procurement Officer requesting approval for the political subdivision to participate in the contract. Upon approval, the political subdivision drafts the participating agreement and sends it to the contractor. After negotiations between the political subdivision and contract reach agreement, a fully executed copy of the participating agreement is sent to NASPO ValuePoint.