2023: Year in Review

Published on Dec 6, 2023
by Todd Taber

Over the past 12 months, Knowledge Services has continued to break ground and find new strategies for success for governments and public-sector organizations across the United States. Our Team Members collaborated like never before to build on our momentum from 2022 and bring new possibilities to governments and citizens alike. Take a tour of Knowledge Services’ 2023 milestones and learn more about the formidable successes our Team Members accomplished each day.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program Team

2023 was a year of growth for Knowledge Services’ Managed Services Program team as they continuously worked toward process optimization and standardization for our clients across the country. 

In-depth reporting for our Staff Augmentation and Statement of Work MSP Programs is a cornerstone of our program delivery. The Knowledge Services MSP program team developed enhancements to all our reporting efforts to deliver timely, actionable data to clients.

This year Knowledge Services was awarded the State of Ohio’s Non-IT MSP program. Our team members successfully implemented the new program and it went live at the end of October. Our MSP Program Team also started the critical Job Title Standardization project, which created consistency across job titles in our government programs. This clarity gives the MSP program team the ability to provide a higher level of market analysis to clients, increasing Knowledge Services’ ability to review labor markets accurately and provide consultative services across the country.

The MSP for Health and Human Services team implemented the State of Hawai’i program with 3 services, marking the second MSP program of its kind in the entire country. Our flagship MSP for Health and Human Services program in the State of Arizona implemented 2 new services and will be implementing at least two more in the coming year, bringing our total to 20 services under our program.

Workforce Management Brings New Possibilities

The Workforce Management team works collaboratively and communicates proactively to develop innovative solutions to service our clients. By understanding our clients’ specific pain points, the Workforce Management team delivers unique solutions to overcome the challenges our clients face.

This team spent 2023 perfecting procedures to help our clients reach new heights of service. Among the many projects implemented, the Workforce Management team implemented a new program for a client who had a backlog of roughly 700 service providers applications. The team executed all deliverables from this project, ensuring all providers were compliant by March of 2023. Another Workforce Management program team completed a project for critical data transfers, archiving nearly 15,000 program records throughout the year. 

Survey Management Expands Service

The Survey Management Team expanded service across the country, helping State and Local governments learn more about the citizens they serve. In 2023, the team coordinated more than 7,000 surveys for the National Core Indicator (NCI) survey cycle. Having spent the past 7 years facilitating the NCI Aging and Disabilities Survey, we were awarded our first NCI – Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (NCI-IDD) survey as well as our first Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Systems Home and Community-Based (HCBS CAHPS) survey. All three types of surveys ensure citizens receive relevant, beneficial resources that improve their quality of life. We look forward to continued growth in this area in 2024!

Fortifying Technology for Our Clients

Every day this year, Knowledge Services Technologists challenged themselves to bring new levels of security and service to our proprietary technology. By directly owning and operating the technology that powers our service offerings, Knowledge Services is able to do what others cannot, constantly strengthening our technology to protect our clients. Explore the powerful accomplishments these teams achieved in 2023.

Product Development

The Product Development Team achieved ADA compliance for Forms used in several of our Statewide programs and helped to redesign reports and provide new reporting features to clients. For much of 2023, the Product Development team has worked on a new offering and will launch the RAMPxChange Marketplace in 2024. RAMPxChange Marketplace will allow users to buy or sell cybersecurity producers, services, and IoT/Internet-enabled solutions. Stay tuned for more on RAMPxChange in 2024!

Information Technology

2023 marked the eighth consecutive year Knowledge Services’ technology experienced no unplanned service outages. This remarkable stability is a testament to this team’s tireless efforts to serve our clients.

Application Support

Knowledge Services’ clients relied on our nimble Application Support Team to resolve common tech issues quickly. The team was also responsible for updating User Guides to help clients make the most of our technology. The team also began providing technical support for our Forms, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and Survey Management clients.

Corporate Information Security

Throughout the year, this team safeguarded critical data against digital and physical threats by drafting a corporate physical security policy and implementing the See Something, Say Something program. This program empowers each Team Member to understand the core components of physical security and to report suspicious behavior through a designated channel. All Knowledge Services Team Members received in-person security training to remind them of the critical role they play in protecting sensitive data. The Corporate Information Security Team also updated our internal technology to remain StateRAMP Ready and meet FedRAMP Rev. 5 requirements

Membership Engagement Team

This Team worked each day to help cloud service providers understand the critical importance of building and maintaining secure tech products and policies. The Membership Engagement Team promotes Progressing Snapshots for cloud service providers.

Shared Services Help Clients Excel

In each program we manage, Knowledge Services also delivers a suite of Shared Services for clients. These Team Members balance requests from internal and external sources that must be processed quickly and accurately for clients. Over 2023, Shared Services Team Members did an excellent job of maintaining responsiveness and making last-minute changes to meet tight deadlines for our clients.

We see collaboration across teams every day at Knowledge Services. The Payroll Team collaborated with the Employee Relations Team to find new ways to efficiently share information and reduce the burden on both teams and the public-sector clients they serve. Enhanced reporting and more effective communication were key considerations for our Accounts Receivable Team, who created a new reporting package and implemented new processes to facilitate collaboration and information-sharing with teams across practice areas.

The Marketing Team oversaw numerous website updates for Knowledge Services brands. Their strategic focus on social media for Knowledge Services and its associated brands increased engagement and impressions, helping more public-sector leaders learn about Knowledge Services’ mission.

The Learning Management Team collaborated across the company to create opportunities for professional development, knowledge sharing, and increased communication between all teams at Knowledge Services.


Throughout the year our team members come together to enjoy quality time outside of the workplace. From long-standing traditions like Fall Fest to new opportunities like KidS at Work, our Hospitality Team works hard to make these events happen. We appreciate all they do for us!

2023 has been a year of investing in our team and our company and we look forward to continuing to serve those who serve others in 2024!