Knowledge Services’ 2022 Year in Review

Last updated Aug 15, 2023  |  Published on Jan 27, 2023
by Kylin Elliott
2022 was a year of growth and innovation for Knowledge Services. Our Team Members built on our success in 2021 to deliver powerful new results for our clients and partners across the United States.  

In 2022, Knowledge Services achieved gross revenue of $825 million, representing a 16% growth from 2021 MSP revenues and 15% growth in total revenue from 2021. But what truly marked 2022 was the constant commitment and creativity of our Team Members, who each excelled to bring new possibilities and efficiencies to our clients.  

Learn more about their stunning achievements below, and be sure to review open positions at Knowledge Services to contribute to our success in 2023 and beyond.   

On a Continued Mission of Service

Knowledge Services delivers a range of professional services to governments, higher education, and quasi-governmental organizations. Throughout 2022, we found new ways to scale and serve, instituting new technologies and practice areas while refining our core offerings.

Building New Frontiers for DFR

For more than a decade, Knowledge Services has supported the State of Indiana’s Division of Family Resources (DFR), which helps individuals and families across Indiana connect to meaningful programs like Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.   

Our support of DFR has grown tremendously. From January to December 2022, Knowledge Services Team Members completed more than 91,000 case actions and handled more than 11,000 calls on behalf of DFR. What began as a team of 160 in 2011 now includes more than 800 Team Members serving families across Indiana. 

Human Services Brings Greater Opportunity

Knowledge Services supports the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in the State of Arizona. Under this program, citizens with disabilities receive personalized to empower them to gain professional skills and secure meaningful employment.  

This year, our VRS Program Team helped grow the pool of Vocational Rehabilitation service providers by 12% and grew the total number of available services by an astounding 23%. Together, Knowledge Services and the State of Arizona helped more than 3,800 citizens broaden their professional skillset and find new opportunities for employment.  

Survey Management Solutions Grew

Knowledge Services’ Survey Management Solution grew more powerful in 2022. With projects in five States, Knowledge Services coordinated 4,300 surveys of vulnerable populations across the United States, which included 500 in-person surveys. Each one of these surveys helps ensure citizens are receiving critical support from State and Local governments to lead independent, fulfilled lives. 

Continued Staffing & Recruiting Achievements

In 2022, Knowledge Services was the Managed Services Provider (MSP) for 14 States, providing powerful Staff Augmentation support across vital labor categories, including Medical, IT, Admin/Clerical, and others. Our Talent Services team onboarded 3,739 resources, helping governments and organizations across the United States deliver meaningful career opportunities to citizens from all walks of life.  

Securing the Country

Knowledge Services is the Program Management Office (PMO) for StateRAMP, a nonprofit devoted to promoting cybersecurity best practices to protect critical infrastructures and citizens’ way of life.  

As PMO, Knowledge Services removes the burden of cloud security verification from governments. Knowledge Services aligns agency-specific security and privacy requirements with StateRAMP authorization fundamentals, helping governments across the country ensure the cloud-based products they use meet rigorous security controls for citizen safety. In 2022, Knowledge Services reviewed 261 Continuous Monitoring Packages. The PMO issued 24 StateRAMP Authorized award letters and 2 StateRAMP Ready letters to cloud service providers.  

In addition, Knowledge Services’ Cybersecurity Consulting practice welcomed new clients. We helped each organization, no matter its size or industry, better understand their own security posture. Most importantly, we guided each organization on the immediate and long-term steps they can take to safeguard their operations and client data from the increasing threat of cyberattacks.

dotStaff Grows Stronger

dotStaff, the FedRAMP and StateRAMP Ready Vendor Management System (VMS) Knowledge Services wholly owns and operates, brought new possibilities to users every day of 2022. With 18 separate product releases in 2022, dotStaff helped every client save time, better understand their critical operations, and benefit from clear, data-driven reporting.  

One critical milestone for dotStaff was the completion of the Vocational Rehabilitation productization initiative. The goal was to save Knowledge Services’ VR Team Members to save time to better serve clients. 

In 2022, dotStaff processed more than 595 New Client Referral forms for the program, and more than 500 VR postings and 350 contracts were automatically created, saving roughly 1-2 hours per day per VR Team Member.   

dotStaff continues to grow more powerful for our clients: protecting their sensitive data while streamlining their workflow. Knowledge Services’ dotStaff Development Team has more product releases planned for 2023, helping each of our clients reclaim efficiency and clarity. 

A Culture of Success

Whether helping governments find new ways to serve citizens or strengthening the nation’s cyber defenses, Knowledge Services Team Members were on a constant mission to serve those who serve others. Across departments and time zones, Knowledge Services Team Members brought new solutions to our clients and grew closer as friends and Team Members. 

Launch of KSU

This year, Knowledge Services launched an internal Learning Management System, giving each Team Member new resources to grow their professional skills. From learning more about other departments to finding ways to communicate more effectively, Knowledge Services University helps each Team Member chart their own path in the company.

Ambassador Program Excels

This year, Knowledge Services also launched our Ambassador Program, which pairs existing Team Members with new Team Members. The program ensures each new Knowledge Services Team Member has a trusted resource they can go to for common questions about life at Knowledge Services. Ambassadors offer support, insight, and encouragement to help their new Team Mate navigate the company. We’re proud of the success the program has already achieved and look forward to continuing it in 2023!

Supporting Our Military

Knowledge Services has an ongoing commitment to supporting the United States military. We actively recruit veterans and our benefits package includes special accommodations for active-duty military members and spouses. In 2022, approximately 5.1% of our Team Members were either active-duty, veteran, or reserve members of the military, and our team also includes many military spouses. We hope to grow that number in 2023 as Knowledge Services grows even more to support new clients. 

Team Unity Throughout the Year

Along with Knowledge Services’ monthly Company Celebrations and Fabulous Fourth Fridays, Knowledge Services Team Members had much to celebrate throughout the year. We celebrated shared success, new opportunities, and the power of working together to grow closer as a team. It all culminated with our annual Day of Thanks, where Knowledge Services Team Members from across the country gather at our headquarters in Indianapolis. Together, we learned more about Knowledge Services’ plans for 2023 and how our collective work brought new opportunities to all of our clients.

Growing Together

In 2022, Knowledge Services increased its total number of Team Members by an astounding 28%, and more than 1 out of every 3 new hires was a referral from an existing Team Member. 33% of Knowledge Services Team Members were promoted last year, which illustrates our core focus on helping each Team Member expand their skills and find new professional horizons. We were proud to deliver bonuses to 94% of our Team Members as an appreciation for their diligence and determination. 

Those are just some of the highlights Knowledge Services achieved in 2022. Ask any of our Team Members what made their year at Knowledge Services special, and you’ll hear countless personal stories of working, succeeding, and growing as a team.  

We wish each Team Member a successful 2023!