How Cybersecurity Strengthens Small Business Operations

Published on Jan 2, 2024
by Haley Glover

In 2023, 73% of small businesses faced a cyber-attack, making cybersecurity for small businesses critical. These breaches not only disrupt operations but can cost businesses approximately $200,000 and, in some cases, over $500,000. This can be devasting to any organization, especially those with limited resources. Due to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) having limited resources, increasing their security posture may come as an afterthought. Working towards improving the security posture helps SMBs remain resilient against incoming threats and provides them with a competitive advantage in the business landscape. 

Reduce Costs 

Through working with a cybersecurity consulting agency, SMBs gain access to a wide range of packages, allowing for great flexibility. This partnership serves as a strategic advantage for organizations. Small businesses can tailor requested services to specific needs, rather than handling the in-house costs associated with hiring a full-time cybersecurity team. By leveraging cybersecurity, small businesses can implement targeted solutions, allocate resources precisely where needed, and stand more resilient to cyber threats, thereby optimizing cost-effectiveness.  

Improve Incident Response 

While many SMBs may follow cybersecurity frameworks as a guideline, a cybersecurity consultant can improve cybersecurity for small businesses by discovering and mitigating unforeseen risks. Through in-depth strategy development, a cybersecurity consultant will enforce tailored best practices to enrich incident response, avoid potential lawsuits, and establish robust security protocols. Such strategies may include augmenting risk management,  forcing system failovers, and stressing the importance of migration toward cloud-based solutions.  

Build Company Culture Around Security 

As a leading target for malicious actors, small businesses must be informed about the popular cyber-attack methods. Misinformation, or lack thereof, is any organization’s biggest vulnerability, as one of the leading causes of a breach is unintentional insider threats. Through instilling security awareness training, employees will learn about a variety of threats such as the different types of phishing and social engineering. A cybersecurity consultant’s insight allows small businesses to not only learn the importance of cybersecurity but also discover best practices for incorporating security awareness training among their employees.  

Gain Tailored Insight Today 

A key advantage of working with a cybersecurity consultant is receiving senior technical and business-related advice whenever insight is needed. Cybersecurity consultants do not sell products; therefore, they provide an external perspective and unbiased tailored evaluations to ensure your organization’s financial resources are allocated more effectively. This level of guidance and knowledge sets SMBs up for long-term success as initiatives will grow alongside their business and employees can learn from the consultant, building the company’s knowledge of cybersecurity.  

Small businesses can save significantly through elevating these cybersecurity methods to build a more resilient security posture. The expertise provided by a cybersecurity consultant provides SMBs with invaluable insights, fostering a cybersecurity mindset amongst employees. Embracing tailored cybersecurity solutions today is a strategic investment for future success through increasing resiliency against ever-evolving threats.