Uncovering the Real Cost Savings of CISO as a Service

Last updated Aug 15, 2023  |  Published on Jul 7, 2023
by Maddie Moore

In some cases, hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can be a costly burden for organizations. When a single CISO is responsible for all cyber security measures, it may be difficult for them to prioritize all their tasks and ensure business continuity in a secure way. Many organizations are realizing the cost savings of CISO as a Service: an alternative solution that reduces expenses and allows an on-demand CISO to focus on internal matters within the company. An on-demand CISO, also known as CISO as a Service, gives organizations a cost-effective opportunity to secure their business against modern cyber threats.

A Service, not a Person: Eliminating the Salary

One key advantage of CISO as a Service is that it provides organizations with an as-needed service rather than hiring a full-time CISO. By partnering with a CISO as a Service Provider, businesses can access an abundance of security leadership and expertise without long-term salary commitments. This partnership allows businesses to focus on other critical initiatives while the on-demand CISO dives deeper into security matters.

In our recent blog post on evaluating CISO on Demand service providers, we dive into the key characteristics of an on-demand CISO. These include conducting thorough cost and risk analyses, understanding the security boundaries and responsibilities of each organization, and implementing a robust security program with multiple layers of defense. As the on-demand CISO conducts internal evaluations, they offer continuous monitoring to strengthen security measures. If an organization already has a salaried CISO in place, the CISO on-demand complements their efforts by focusing on specific initiatives, enabling the existing CISO to fulfill other critical responsibilities.

Leveraging the Cost Savings of CISO as a Service

When evaluating and implementing security solutions, it is important to have an unbiased opinion. A CISO as a Service provider has an external perspective, offering an unbiased evaluation of your company’s current security status. In a previous blog post, we explore the ways an unbiased customized review ensures your organization will receive neutral counsel and security planning, allowing your organization’s financial resources to be allocated more effectively. CISO as a Service providers offer insight and guidance that aligns with the organization’s goals, objectives, and budget constraints, supporting an organization’s effort to avoid wasting valuable time and resources.

Strengthening Pre- and Post-Data Breach Response with CISO as a Service

Pre-Breach Support:

When an organization partners with a CISO as a Service provider prior to a security breach, the likelihood of future extensive cyber repairs is lessened. A CISO as a Service provider conducts continuous monitoring and comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats within an organization’s security systems. Cyber maintenance within an organization allows organizations to feel more secure and confident in their abilities to prepare for the unfortunate event of a cyber breach occurring.

Post-Breach Support:

In the event of a cyber-attack on an organization, a CISO as a Service provider offers effective post-breach support. The on-demand CISO conducts a comprehensive incident analysis and investigation to determine the impact and root cause of the breach, while also working closely alongside company leadership to contain the breach, restore services, and recover affected data. The expertise of the on-Demand CISO guides the organization on the right steps to take to prevent future incidents from happening.

A CISO as a Service provider helps develop both a pre- and post-breach response plan to ensure that an organization is prepared in the case of a cyber-attack, lessening the overall impact on the organization and providing business continuity. This preparation plan allows an organization to optimize its resources and lower expenditures before and after a possible cyber breach.

Can Your Organization See Cost Savings with CISO as a Service?

Implementing CISO as a Service offers your businesses a cost-effective opportunity to safeguard operations today and in the future. By leveraging the expertise and services CISO as a Service providers offer, organizations can access a service with no long-term salary to be paid, receive unbiased counsel, and strengthen their organizations before and after a cyber breach, all while saving money and allowing the on-demand CISO to focus on the organization’s core objectives.