Finding the Ideal Job Through Knowledge Services 

May 21,2020
Program Management Office

Finding the ‘right fit’ when searching for your next position can be an overwhelming, lengthy experience. When you find your next role, however, the reward in the end is exciting. 

Below, we highlight one of our recent hiring success stories because we’re not only proud of our placement and pleased to have matched one of our clients with their ideal candidate, but we’re also struck by the passion of our recruit. Ryan H, our featured success story, is a talented professional and scientist working for a state agency that delivers health care services. 

When interviewing and connecting with our talent, we strive to make our conversations smooth and seamless. When speaking with Ryan, we asked him if he could dive into a few details pertaining to his interview process with KS.   


“My interview with Knowledge Services went very smooth and was a fairly seamless process. My conversations with my technical Recruiter, Katie Scofield went great. I also had conversations with Rick Scott, Business Development Manager for Knowledge Services. My idea of a great interview process is a mixture of the employer finding out whether or not a person meets their minimum technical qualifications, but also about whether or not they’ll fit in with the team.  A great interviewer gets a sense of both your skills and knowledge and your personality, and KS did exactly this. 


From start to finish, Knowledge Services helped by tailoring my resumé so that it would better fit to the specific job requirements that are necessary for the role. KS gave me a better insight of my qualifications and types of questions would be asked for a position such as mine.”


In today’s job climate, we were curious how COVID-19 has affected Ryan’s position and what some of his tasks are working for a state agency in healthcare. 


“For this role, I am the COVID-19 remodeler for the state agency and this pandemic has drastically influenced my position. I was originally hired for another healthcare matter factoring children and polysubstance abuse in mothers, however, with the spread of the coronavirus, came other urgencies and needs, and my position shifted. 


First off, I am interested in any job that involves working with data. I am a trained scientist, so my skills are all about working with data in a specific way to draw conclusions.  Second, I am attracted to using my skills for the public good.  Additionally, it is very important to me to be doing something that makes the world a better place and I feel that this position does just that.”


Congratulations to you, Ryan. The position you have is the perfect fit and our team at KS are so thrilled for you. We hope to continue helping you as you proceed forward through your career. 

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to what we do at Knowledge Services as no two recruitments are alike. We pride ourselves on our different approaches to specific recruiting and understanding our client’s needs. If you want to learn more about our recruiting process, click here.

By Knowledge Services | May 21,2020