Cooperative Purchasing Allows States Rapid Response to COVID-19 Workforce Demand

Apr 08,2020
COVID-19 Workforce

Knowledge Services and the COVID-19 Workforce

During this Coronavirus crisis, States are faced with urgent needs for temporary labor and project-based services to keep essential services going. Knowledge Services, along with our vendor community, is here to serve.

Recognizing the COVID-19 Workforce Demand

In one week, Knowledge Services has helped States fill more than 300 positions directly related to COVID-19 workforce demand. Many States have expressed urgent workforce needs to help support and process record unemployment claims, to stand up call centers, to source medical personnel, to provide IT help desk support, and more. Meanwhile, other States have also looked for assistance handling all compliance, onboarding, and payroll for qualified employees.

As our core business is workforce and vendor management, Knowledge Services is uniquely positioned to help implement rapid response workforce management programs to help States ramp up where needed, as quickly as possible.

Cooperative Contracts Filling Urgent COVID-19 Workforce Needs

Knowledge Services has contracts with 16 State Governments, some utilizing our NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Contracts.

Cooperative Contracts provide procurement officials with access to competitively bid services that can be deployed quickly and simply.

Here’s how it works: If a procurement official is looking for a service, they can utilize a Cooperative Contract versus soliciting the service on their own. It is as simple as executing a Participating Addendum (PA) to use that Cooperative Contract.

Signing a Participating Addendum for goods and services is becoming more and more appealing to procurement offices, especially when time is of the essence. In fact, many States have executed PA’s for NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Contracts ahead of procuring goods or services.

Our NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Master Agreement is an example of a Cooperative Contract that States may utilize as a means to immediately start working with Knowledge Services for urgent temporary labor or project management needs to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

With 25 years of experience in workforce and vendor management, Knowledge Services is grateful to be in a position to help States meet today’s unique challenges, especially when it comes to the COVID-19 workforce demand.

By Anna Bielawski | Apr 08,2020