Survey Management Solutions: The Benefits of Outsourcing

Last updated Sep 18, 2023  |  Published on Aug 18, 2023
by Maddie Moore
MSP for Survey Management: the Benefits of Outsourcing

State and Local governments across the United States are discovering the benefits of choosing survey management solutions from proven partners. Under this model, the survey management partner handles all necessary components of required surveys, from surveyor training to secure, accurate data recording. 

Surveying vulnerable populations is critically important. Many localities require regular surveys of aging, disabled, or vulnerable populations. The data derived from these surveys evaluate whether programs and outreach for these communities are culturally relevant and effective. 

Discover some of the many benefits Knowledge Services’ survey management partnership brings to public sector organizations. 

Benefit From Targeted, Efficient Training Programs

Knowledge Services’ survey management solutions prioritize efficient training programs to ensure surveyors have the necessary skills to engage with vulnerable populations effectively. It will ensure surveyors receive the complete training necessary to effectively and respectfully engage with members of vulnerable populations. Knowledge Services not only trains surveyors on the official survey requirements but also on the public sector organization’s own policies and procedures. In addition, training will include interpersonal communication skills to ensure every survey participant feels valued and respected throughout the process. 

The training programs conducted as part of the solution prioritize the development of both technical proficiency and the essential human qualities needed to conduct surveys with the utmost professionalism. 

Configure Reporting to Your Specific Needs

A key advantage of choosing a survey management partner is the possibility to customize reporting types, schedules, and stakeholders. Your survey management partner can create custom reports tailored to public sector clients’ specific needs and preferences. Many organizations can configure custom reporting for individual departments, agencies, and program stakeholders. This richness of data empowers organizations to visualize program progress, as they receive prompt and actionable reports throughout the survey. 

Having access to data-driven reports allows clients to make informed decisions and effectively prioritize their primary objectives in a timely manner. The ability to customize reporting allows public sector organizations to focus on data specific to their department, agency, or team. 

Feel the Support of a Dedicated Team

By choosing an experienced partner for survey management solutions, your organization will immediately receive the skills and support of a dedicated team. Experienced survey partners include scalable teams that bring a wealth of experience to every project, with some team members focused on training, and others on data entry and project management. State and Local government clients who choose to outsource their survey data collection can expect consistent support throughout the entire survey process. The dedicated team provides expertise and professionalism to ensure the smooth execution of surveys, mitigate potential biases, and deliver reliable and high-quality results. With a dedicated team by their side, public sector organizations can have confidence in the integrity and effectiveness of their survey initiatives. 

Outsourcing survey management for vulnerable populations brings numerous benefits to public sector organizations. With an experienced survey management partner, organizations gain access to efficient training programs, configurable reporting, prior experience, and a dedicated team that will all contribute to your organization’s success. Choosing a survey management partner allows your organization to focus on what really matters and make informed decisions that positively impact vulnerable populations.

Harness the Experience of a Proven Survey Management Solutions Leader

When you choose an experienced survey management partner, you’ll benefit from the organization’s skills, experience, and operational know-how. Survey partners bring valuable expertise in handling critical surveys across various demographics. Their expertise in diverse survey modalities, reporting requirements, and engaging with different communities enriches every survey project they support. By collaborating with an experienced survey leader, public sector organizations benefit from the survey partner’s wealth of specialized knowledge and skills. 

Improve Your Survey Management Initiatives

Partnering with a proven survey data collection leader improves the quality of results and delivers a support system for end-to-end survey administration. Contact Knowledge Services’ Survey Management Solutions team to learn more about our complete scope of survey management support.