U.S. Communities Staffing and Workforce Solutions

Last updated Oct 23, 2023  |  Published on Dec 31, 2019
by Kate Smith

Knowledge Services holds a cooperative contract with U.S. Communities providing managed service provider (MSP) services utilizing our proprietary vendor management system (VMS). These services enable our MSP program team to procure and manage contractor sourcing, timekeeping, and invoicing in accordance with our clients’ processes and regulations.


As a trusted partner in the workforce management industry, Knowledge Services expedites employee onboarding and offers a dedicated support team that provides direction and peace of mind. We provide government agencies with a client-defined scope of program initiatives, including procuring contingent labor along with employer of record (EOR) and payroll services. Our MSP methodology and VMS technology provide local and state governments the means to serve the public more efficiently and effectively by honoring spend restraints, in turn generating year-over-year return.


Contract Number: 16111

Current term: December 31, 2019

Total term expirations: December 19, 2025


This Knowledge Services contract includes:

  • – Job posting creation and deployment
  • – Program managers and teams dedicated solely to each program
  • – Candidate review, qualification, and onboarding
  • – Tracking and reporting, providing increased transparency to clients
  • – Accurate invoicing that complies with any and all state preferences and regulations
  • – Resource, vendor network, and program performance management


To participate in this contract, simply contact Knowledge Services:

Email: uscommunities@knowledgeservices.com

Phone: 866.465.5579

Based on your specific needs, our lead referral manager will begin moving you through the adoption process of the Knowledge Services/U.S. Communities contract. Not a registered U.S. Communities user? Register quickly and easily on the U.S. Communities registration page.