Survey Management

Effectively capture and collect services data with a trusted team of experts.

Knowledge Services is dedicated to helping all levels of government improve the lives of the citizens they serve. That’s why our survey management solution, partnered with our people-centric approach, gives you a way to efficiently capture and collect customer data. As experts in the field, we ensure client administrative burdens are minimal, customer interest and engagement is maximized, and interview quality and retention are unparalleled. Knowledge Services’ Survey Management Solution gives you confidence in survey quality while helping you win back time and resources by outsourcing survey management and facilitation to project experts.

Outcomes at Work

Make Better Decisions With More Accurate Data

Survey management with Knowledge Services means collecting the right data so clients have reportable, actionable information they can use to make better-informed, outcome-driven decisions. Our survey administration and collection processes set us apart as trusted leaders within the government survey management industry. By combining our advanced mobile technology with expert survey delivery teams, we are able to ensure feedback is solicited in accordance with proper sample sizes across all regions and demographics for an accurate assessment of program services.

Rely on Real-Time Data for the Highest Accuracy

Agencies that partner with Knowledge Services for Survey Management can take advantage of our mobile survey technology suite and capitalize on having access to real-time feedback. Now, managers can measure results, determine needed adjustments, and responsively report back to leadership faster and with the most up-to-the-minute data. Rather than manage a complex and administratively-heavy project, agencies partner with Knowledge Services for efficient and accurate access to reliable insights that have lasting effects.

Easy for Citizens. Beneficial for You.

Knowledge Services acts as a trusted and independent collector of participant feedback of services delivered by state agencies, ensuring the correct information is processed and analyzed for agency improvement and better citizen outcomes. Our person-centric survey delivery processes are built to create positive experiences for participants in an efficient and timely manner. With our transparent project reporting model, agencies can depend on Knowledge Services for a real-time snapshot of survey progress and measurement of key performance indicators.

Trust the Experts for Survey Efficiency

The Knowledge Services team ensures the appropriate people are in place to train participants, cater to unique survey needs, and coordinate with case managers for effective data collection. The team’s dynamic soft skills and applications training ensure rapid project kick-off to quickly facilitate and conduct surveys without sacrificing attention to survey participants. Whether by phone or in-person, our team has the best tools to maximize efficiencies during and between appointments, resulting in more quality interactions with participants.

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