Managed Service Provider / Vendor Management System

Manage all of your talent and labor processes automatically from one complete system.

At Knowledge Services, we are proven experts in delivering comprehensive Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions to government entities in order to address specific and current challenges they face. Knowledge Services’ MSP programs automate the contingent labor process to improve compliance standardization, transparency, and reporting.

Our comprehensive and configurable cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) provides time management, accountability, and flexibility to meet your organization’s unique needs. We provide you with a dedicated program team as your single point of contact for managing everything from initial request and resume screening to compliance checks and billing. Our VMS services and unique methodologies provide transparency and detailed reporting to make better informed business decisions.

Outcomes at Work

Make Informed Decisions Driven by Deep Analysis

Using the industry’s most transparent solution available today, Knowledge Services’ proprietary VMS technology constantly monitors your MSP programs to identify opportunities and provide recommendations to improve program performance metrics and overall function. The Knowledge Services MSP program delivers comprehensive reporting and business analysis that enables informed decision support and oversight for governments and commercial enterprises. The MSP program team serves as a trusted advisor by providing deep analysis and recommendations based on our program, recruiting, and industry subject matter expertise, while comparing and contrasting to market-driven data sources. Our program teams combine expert MSP best practices and industry knowledge with our VMS services, enabling them to synthesize large volumes of data, identify findings, and present recommendations based on those patterns.

Remove Process Challenges Through Automation

Our integrated VMS and workforce management system provides an intelligently designed and innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for effective management of your entire assignment-driven workforce, while fully operating inside the NIST security framework. Through our VMS services, we deliver full-service process automation – starting with contract management and resource acquisition extending to assignment management, communications, time and activity tracking, progress reporting, document management, and advanced predictive analytics. Knowledge Services continually strives to provide the most beneficial and critical technological advancements to deliver the most innovative and effective VMS services.

Save Money on Your Investment—Now and in the Future  

We understand that favorable, competitive pricing is paramount. Knowledge Services has consistently delivered superior service and quality at a fair and reasonable MSP/VMS fee. Our highly competitive model ensures you receive the best service and realize savings, all while improving temporary worker pay and staffing vendor participation. Knowledge Services’ MSP program solution is a vendor neutral model that utilizes reverse auction functionality and best/final offer negotiations by our MSP program teams to provide you with hard dollar cost savings without sacrificing the most qualified temporary workers.

Comprehensive Talent Management from Start to Finish

Knowledge Services’ dedicated program teams are responsible for all aspects of MSP program services—from initial composition of the requisition to temporary worker off-boarding at project completion. Backed by our industry-leading in-house VMS technology, our program teams screen and rank candidates, and schedule and conduct interviews to ensure you have access to the most qualified talent. Our MSP program teams’ full requisition management significantly reduce administrative burden while providing the most qualified temporary worker(s) at the best rate.

The MSP Ecosystem

At Knowledge Services, we have tuned our approach to delivering best in class MSP solutions. Learn more about what the Knowledge Services MSP Ecosystem looks like.


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