Employer of Record

Reduce the risks associated with staffing regulations and complexities.

Increased regulations and complexities are resulting in greater risks of fines and litigation. With Knowledge Services’ Employer of Record services, we handle all the behind-the-scenes work and tax details as the official employer, while employees complete the work for you.

We capture all costs, activities, and documents in real-time to better provide consolidated billing and powerful reporting so you can easily identify funding sources and gain greater visibility into inefficiencies and labor trends. When you identify or recruit your own temporary resource outside of a staffing vendor, our MSP program can provide you with resources at a reduced cost. Not only does this impact savings, it also allows Knowledge Services to become the Employer of Record through proprietary automation technology.

Outcomes at Work

Reduce Risk While Meeting Employee Needs

As passionate workforce management experts, we at Knowledge Services help fill your labor gaps with pre-identified, qualified individuals. Together, our employee vetting and certification management processes, tax and insurance management, and payroll/W-2 administration provide a comprehensive employer of record program built around mitigating risk and providing outstanding support to employees. Our dedicated employee relations team is your point of contact for all employer-related information including benefits, expense processing, worker’s compensation, performance management, and more.

Get the Detailed Data You Need—When You Need It

Knowledge Services’ employer of record solution grants governments greater access to their employment contracts data for better workforce forecasting and planning. Our programs equip you with a realistic view and breakdown of contingent labor usage within the organization, as well as the associated costs so that governments can make better informed workforce decisions. Everything from weekly time entry, costs, and actions are captured within our technology and easily accessed to generate customized reports and glean actionable insights.

Let Us Handle the Details

As the employer of record, Knowledge Services conducts all onboarding and pre-employment requirements, background checks, and payroll processing, immensely reducing your administrative burden.By letting our team handle the behind-the-scenes work, you can safely and creatively work with new employees. Our team assumes all responsibilities and liabilities related to payroll, taxes, benefits, employee records, and more. Rather than being bogged down with the details, governments turn to our employer of records services to facilitate administrative workforce legalities, so they can get back to focusing on the bigger picture.

Reduce Costs While Onboarding Faster

By cutting sourcing expenses, the Knowledge Services Employer of Record program is a cost-effective solution to acquiring needed talent. This known-candidate hiring solution provides a better use of taxpayer dollars and a faster ramp-up in delivery of services. Whether you’re looking to re-engage with a retired employee, or you need a group of pre-identified individuals that require onboarding and payroll processing, the Knowledge Services Employer of Record program provides an easy and flexible solution for government organizations of any size.

Our Client's Success

Knowledge Services has had the pleasure of improving workforce management in agencies, organizations, and state and local governments of all sizes.

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