Navigating Healthcare Vendor Management for HHS

Last updated May 16, 2024  |  Published on Mar 13, 2024
by Todd Taber

When government leaders choose a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Health and Human Services (HHS), they maximize efficiency by entrusting the MSP to navigate the complexities of healthcare vendor management.. With an MSP, leaders in government procurement and HHS can deliver timely results for their departments and the citizens they serve.

Maximize Efficiency Through the HHS Network

Government leaders and the MSP can work together to identify new HHS service providers and efficiently add them to the existing network to provide service for citizens. Identifying this need allows for collaboration toward finding any potential gaps in coverage. By building a full network representing diverse service providers, HHS leaders maximize their healthcare vendor management efficiency and help citizens find individualized care. The steps below represent the basic pathway for government leaders and the MSP to add new service providers to the network.

1. Inviting New Service Providers

Once potential new service providers are identified, they are invited to learn more about the benefits of joining the network. Town hall meetings and one-on-one meetings are often coordinated to introduce potential providers to the healthcare vendor management system and opportunities to serve. 

2. Completing Onboarding Documents

When a service provider joins the network, they fill out a New Service Provider packet, which includes all necessary documentation to join the network. These requirements include certificates of insurance, W-9 agreements, a flown-down contract, and any other documentation the client requires. 

3. Review and Onboarding

Once all necessary documents are completed, the MSP reviews the new service provider’s documentation. If all requirements of service are met and the client approves the application, the new service provider will be added to the existing network and approved to provide services for HHS clients.  

4. Ongoing Compliance Management

Stakeholders in government procurement and HHS maximize their healthcare vendor management efficiencies with this new service provider onboarding process. This expands the reach of their network, thereby delivering new value and opportunity to citizens who use HHS services and resources. The MSP continues to review service providers’ required documentation, removing this administrative task from procurement and HHS stakeholders’ shoulders. 

Benefits of a Thriving HHS Network

When procurement leaders choose an MSP to maximize efficiency and manage a network of HHS service providers, it relieves the administrative burden and increases choice and access for citizens who benefit from HHS and Vocational Rehabilitation services. MSPs for HHS provide lasting benefits for government leaders, including:

  • Shorter referral waiting times for patients
    By managing the service provider network, HHS stakeholders enable citizens to find qualified, competent care that directly meets their needs.
  • Greater consistency in service area deliverables
    With compliance documentation and contracts from all active service providers, HHS leaders ensure the network provides consistent care and resources to all patients.
  • Increased service provider participation and compliance
    MSP providers for HHS proactively monitor compliance, freeing government leaders to focus on their core duties while ensuring all service providers are qualified to serve.
  • In-depth reporting, including ad hoc report generation
    Government leaders in procurement and HHS benefit from in-depth, actionable reporting on all aspects of the healthcare vendor management system, including service provider activity and compliance.
  • The ability to efficiently add and onboard service providers at any time
    With a clear, compliant pathway to onboard new service providers representing known and emerging HHS offerings, government leaders ensure the network of service providers matches the needs of the citizens they serve.

With an MSP for HHS, government leaders gain new efficiencies and accountability. By choosing a single source to manage all service providers, government leaders are liberated to focus on their core duties while delivering a diverse, compliant, and citizen-focused network to individuals seeking HHS care and resources.

Augment Your Healthcare Vendor Management with Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services is a trusted MSP for HHS, helping to manage State clients effectively and strategically curate complex networks of service providers specializing in HHS service requirements. With access to a consistently reviewed network of HHS service providers, government stakeholders ensure the citizens they serve have access to qualified, dependable, and results-focused service providers. With Knowledge Services as MSP for HHS, government leaders maximize their efficiency and directly improve the lives of citizens from all walks of life.