Tennessee Turns to Indiana Firm to Boost Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Pilot

Dec 08,2020


Fishers-based Knowledge Services Coordinating Nurses to Administer COVID-19 Vaccine

FISHERS, Ind. – Knowledge Services, an Indiana-based workforce management company, is assisting the Tennessee Department of Health with the hiring, credentialing and support of hundreds of nurses who will administer the state’s Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine pilot program.

Tennessee is one of four states that was selected for Pfizer’s pilot program. As the largest managed service provider (MSP) for state governments, Knowledge Services has supported Tennessee and other states by procuring and validating projects and personnel.

During the pandemic, agencies have turned to Knowledge Services to assist in delivering rapid responses to COVID-related needs, including processing unemployment claims, staffing up COVID-19 testing sites, providing contact tracing, and now preparing for vaccine deployments.

“Our sole focus with the vaccine pilot is to alleviate the significant pressures our Tennessee partners are already experiencing with the pandemic,” said Julie Bielawski, Founder and CEO at Knowledge Services. “Our team members, some of whom are based in Tennessee, have seen the toll this pandemic has taken on human life, including healthcare workers. We are truly grateful to be able to help, and we are determined to support our partners in any way we can.”

In Tennessee, Knowledge Services has hired a majority of the registered and licensed practical nurses that will be trained and deployed to Tennessee’s 95 counties to administer the vaccine to residents. The focus will be on rural counties and areas with higher concentrations of vulnerable populations.

“The pandemic is a critical challenge all state governments are confronting, and they seek trusted partners and secure technologies to support their strategies to address these issues,” said Damon Grothe, Vice President of Professional Services at Knowledge Services. “Knowledge Services is leveraging our vendor networks, cloud technology, people and processes to provide states with timely and reliable resources.”

It is not the first time Knowledge Services has provided key resources to the State of Tennessee. A partner since 2015, Knowledge Services assisted the state most recently in 2019 in response to a major Hepatitis A outbreak that registered 13 deaths and more than 2,200 infections. Knowledge Services supported the administration of the state’s immunization program.


About Knowledge Services

Serving those who serve others is the cornerstone of Knowledge Services’ mission, a mission that has led to dedicated partnerships with government and private industry for more than 20 years. Knowledge Services leverages the expertise and experience of its people and the agility of its proprietary, secure cloud platform to deliver transformative workforce management solutions.

Knowledge Services is a woman-owned and family run business that has grown since its founding in 1994, but the mission has not changed. Knowledge Services builds solutions that help better serve our fellow citizens.

By Anna Bielawski | Dec 08,2020

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