Workplace Benefits to Look for in an Organization

Published on May 22, 2024
by Grace Roundtree

When contemplating a job change or starting a new career, it is crucial to look beyond the salary. Workplace benefits play a significant role in overall job satisfaction and long-term career development. Ensure necessary foundational benefits are in place. Discover the additional unique perks Knowledge Services provides to demonstrate team member appreciation. Seek a company fostering a healthy relationship with benefits and culture.

Workplace Benefits

When considering a potential employer, it is important to ensure they provide the ideal workplace benefits that not only meet your needs but also align with workplace satisfaction. These include but are not limited to health coverage, retirement plans, paid time off (PTO) policies, and professional development.

  • Health Insurance Coverage: It is essential for all employees to have access to comprehensive health insurance. Seek employers with extensive health insurance covering medical, dental, and vision care. Ideal plans are flexible enough to meet a range of health needs and include preventive care options, low deductibles, and family coverage. 
  • Retirement Plans: A strong retirement plan signifies an employer’s investment in your future. Look for companies that offer a variety of retirement plans such as 401(k)s, IRAs, and ESOPs. An ideal company provides diverse financial advising services and offers company matching for retirement plans as a workplace benefit. 
  • PTO: When maintaining a healthy work-life balance, consider companies offering a clear PTO policy covering vacation, sick days, and personal days. Companies with additional time off for volunteering or extended sabbaticals show a commitment to employee well-being. 
  • Professional Development: Align with companies that provide development programs, such as training, workshops, certifications, and tailored coursework. These mentoring programs support career goals and grant access to cutting-edge industry resources. As a workplace benefit, you will acquire new skills, ensuring you remain competitive in your field.

Unique Benefits at Knowledge Services

At Knowledge Services, our commitment to employee satisfaction and well-being is reflected in our unique workplace benefits. These perks are designed to enhance work-life balance and job satisfaction.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements: We recognize the diversity in personal and professional needs. Our facilities include creative workspaces like quiet zones, collaboration areas, and relaxation nooks to enhance productivity and comfort. Knowledge Services has adopted a hybrid work environment, allowing flexibility among team members and their schedules.  
  • Employee Wellness Program: We have partnered with Sprout, a health and wellness provider, as a workplace benefit to encourage the well-being of our team members. This program allows team members to network around health and wellness interests and set personal goals. Sprout provides a comprehensive list of suggested goals to strive towards a healthier lifestyle. These include prioritizing mental well-being, balanced nutrition, team challenges, and increasing physical activity. 
  • Baby-On-Board Program: This program provides additional support for new mothers as they transition back to work, allowing more bonding time with their babies. Mothers who partake in this program are granted a private office and access to our mother’s suite. 
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Within our workplace benefits, we do not just support your career; we propel it. Regular reviews and clear criteria for advancement ensure hard work and dedication lead to real growth opportunities. As positions become readily available, we initially consider our internal team members for lateral transfers or promotional opportunities to support career advancement goals.

Company Events 

Our company-focused events are integral to our company culture. These events are designed to enhance workplace benefits, improve team cohesion, and provide a relaxed atmosphere for employees to engage and enjoy. At the beginning and end of every month, Knowledge Services hosts catered events. These events allow for company updates and recognitions, such as new team members, anniversaries, birthdays, and awards; serving as an opportunity to interact with various departments. 

Unique to Knowledge Services, Day of ThanKS is an annual event where team members are celebrated for their hard work, dedication, and milestones achieved over the past year. This 8-year tradition involves flying our remote workers to our Indianapolis Headquarters to spend the week socializing in our community and introducing company initiatives for the upcoming year. Our company events supplement standard workplace benefits, ensuring there is always something to look forward to.

Why Choose Knowledge Services

At Knowledge Services, we believe in creating a work environment where employees are highly valued and actively supported through workplace benefits and specialized perks. Our approach aims to attract and foster the brightest minds by providing a workplace nurturing both their professional and personal development.

Explore the opportunities at Knowledge Services and become part of a company focusing on unique workplace benefits.