How Knowledge Services is Supporting Our Team Members Navigating Remote Work

Apr 17,2020

How are companies navigating the new work from home reality?

The term “work” has always insinuated a physical space – our office. But as of now, companies, communities, universities, organizations of all kinds, are reconciling how to adjust how we work from home. This change in environment seemed to have happen overnight for most of us, changing our day-to-day quicker than any of us anticipated. With this shift, we are faced with an important question – how do we make it seamless for team members to do their work from anywhere?

Make finding resources and help simple

Over the past few weeks, we have encouraged stay at home orders provided by Indiana’s Governor Holcomb and President Trump. We have encouraged our employees to rethink personal, unnecessary travel, making our team members health our number one priority. With this, it has allowed us to make new work from home policies, prompting many questions for our IT and HR teams.

Having a centralized, online platform that is accessible to all staff is important in times when changes occur and more questions are being asked. A place where team members can request a ticket to get help, see a company-wide announcement, read tips and tricks for remote work, etc.

At Knowledge Services, we have an open-door policy. We encourage questions, providing feedback, and inspire all teams to work together.

Digitize any processes to make this transition easier

As a technology-driven company, most of our files and documents are not paper-based, however, if they were, that would make working remotely much harder. Utilizing a company intranet for example is a way to work efficiently and effectively. Using something similar to a SharePoint instead of emailing the latest version of a document allows coworkers access if uploaded online, having the ability to update in real time.

Having digital tools at your fingertips is also a great investment for a company. Allowing your team members to connect, schedule meetings, provide feedback all from your smartphone is very effective in today’s tech atmosphere.

At Knowledge Services, we use Microsoft Teams to stay connected while at work, provide important materials, and share news from any team. In times like these, a digital chat of any kind enables virtual connection, and also enables team members to ask questions and see public responses in real time. Being able to have virtual meetings on camera with those across the country is a wonderful way to stay connected. Even the occasional happy hour brings your staff together and would allow us to all feel a bit closer and secure.

Transparent communication

Our communication extends beyond a chat room. Our leadership team is continuously offering clear communication to allow for transparency beyond the boardrooms. Knowledge Services managers and staff pride themselves on being honest and open with communication through many channels, lines of service, and are always putting our talented team members first. During this time of ambiguity, we want to always provide clear information about this pandemic, our policies, and our support to our talent every day.

We are also continuing our recruitment efforts as normal for our corporate team, and also for team members across the country. Please check out our open positions here.

Encourage virtual, social interactions within teams

During this time out of the office, managers are encouraging and supporting creative ways to keep their team involved. Some KS teams have had end of day video calls to meet their pets, share any hobbies or home projects they may have started since the stay at home shelter, and even a virtual onboarding for new employees.

Staying in communication with your team members during this time is essential. Some teams at Knowledge Services are finding that hosting daily “office hours” is the way to go. This can take place by having a standing video call to continue face time with your team members, ask questions, and continue to boost morale during this time of uncertainty.

There is no right answer on how to do this, but at Knowledge Services we want to maintain the overall health of our team members, keep them safe in this time, and keep them engaged and motivated in the work they do. Ultimately, we are continuing to innovate and develop new ways on how to embrace digital ways of learning.

By Knowledge Services | Apr 17,2020

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