How States are Adjusting to Keep Essential Services Going in New Reality of COVID-19

Mar 30,2020
State Reality of COVID-19

Knowledge Services works with 13 states across the U.S., which allows our Team Members to see first-hand how State Governments are responding quickly and creatively to continue essential operations for their constituents under the new reality of COVID-19.

Here are some of the extraordinary ways States are keeping up:

Call Center Support

As citizens look to their state leaders for direction on how to respond to COVID-19, Knowledge Services is helping fulfill several requests for call center support. Indiana’s Governor Eric Holcomb has been on the forefront in leading proactive communication through this crisis, holding daily press briefings and posting regular video messages.

When the State of Indiana needed to establish a new COVID-19 State Health Line, our Team worked quickly to hire 74 individuals to field calls from residents seeking information about the virus. As States seek to spin up quick resources for their residents, we are grateful to be in a position to help.

Temporary Increase in IT Desk Support

With more State employees working remotely, the need for IT support staff has increased. In one of our partner States, Knowledge Services posted 19 new job positions in one week, specifically due to COVID-19 response.

Most of these temporary positions are for emergency desk technicians and program managers. Our team is working to meet these urgent needs as quickly as possible, including expediting our processes where possible. By reaching out to those with prior experience, Knowledge Services successfully onboarded four new hires in a record four days.

Tele-Support for Vocational Rehabilitation

In Arizona, Knowledge Services has a contract to connect and provide Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Although COVID-19 has limited the ability to continue in-person support, that did not stop our Team and the State of Arizona from ensuring these critical services continue.

In mid-March, we worked with our partners at Arizona Rehabilitative Services Administration to develop and quickly approve new policies and procedures that allows counselors, therapists and coaches to continue providing services to those in need via video and telephone, where appropriate.

Planning for Pop-Up Healthcare Sites

Our healthcare heroes are on the front lines of this virus. States are preparing for the potential need for increased testing sites and temporary hospital facilities.

In one of our partner states, Knowledge Services has been put on notice to be ready to hire 100 temporary staff to help stand up temporary tent hospitals, should that become necessary. We all hope these precautions are not needed, yet our people and partners stand ready to serve.

These quick actions that States are taking to maintain essential services would not be possible without the ingenuity and flexibility of our State partners and the dedication of our Vendor Community. Thank you for allowing us to help.

Knowledge Services is founded on the principle of serving those who serve others. Especially during this pandemic, our Team is committed to helping our clients navigate these uncertain times.

By Anna Bielawski | Mar 30,2020

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