Top 3 Reasons Why a MSP is Right for Your Organization

May 30,2012

Managing a contingent workforce can be costly and time consuming. In order to remain competitive, complex practices, infrastructure, and software are required, which can be difficult for organizations to maintain. Plagued with workforce challenges, organizations can turn to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Knowledge Services. As an expert in the best workforce management solutions and systems, we believe successful workforce management solutions align a contingent workforce with the goals of an organization to adapt with changing market demands.

At Knowledge Services, we have the tools and knowledge to provide an MSP solution that addresses all dynamics of contingent labor and delivers business value. We feel MSP is right for your organization because it provides:

Performance and Relationship Management–  As the MSP, we act as the single point of contact for clients and vendors and provide manager, vendor, and resource support and training. Utilizing our VMS partner, dotStaff, users have access to real-time data and reporting to measure program performance and vendor metrics. Our repeatable and scalable processes allow organizations to reduce costs and focus on core business objectives without compromising service levels.

Knowledge and Account Management–  From the beginning, we provide specialized knowledge and industry experience to learn the clients’ strategies and goals to help forecast specific needs and requirements. We identify, recruit, and assess prospective vendors and assure they are in compliance with the parameters of contracts. In managing the entire req-to-check process, Knowledge Services maintains a pipeline of highly-skilled talent that meets our clients’ needs.

Risk Mitigation and Vendor Compliance–  When it comes to contingent labor liability, we are risk mitigation experts. As the MSP, we validate a full range of Federal and State regulation driven compliance requirements and confirm all vendors are paying required State and Federal taxes. We perform Vendor “verification” to identify and validate a vendor’s ability to meet/exceed IRS Independent Contractor definitions, ensuring vendors are legal businesses.

Have you thought through your information and support system process lately? As a strategic solutions provider, Knowledge Services is resourceful in bringing together the right components to deliver a uniquely distinct workforce management offering.

By Knowledge Services | May 30,2012