7 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Resume

Feb 22,2012

As a recruiter, I spend a lot of time reviewing resumes. When crafted properly, a resume is one of the most powerful weapons in a job search providing candidates with the opportunity to showcase their professional background, skills, education, and achievements. I have developed the following resume tips to help job seekers improve their resumes:

  • Indicate which position you are applying for in the subject or body of the email if you are emailing your resume – If you are not applying for a specific position, indicate what types of positions you are seeking.
  • Use spaces, bolding, underlines and bullet points to create your resume structure – Instead of using one big paragraph, utilize various design options to create a well-organized resume highlighting your achievements.
  • Use capital letters only when appropriate – Writing in all CAPS can give off an impression that you are shouting at the reader.
  • Ask a trusted individual to proofread your resume – Having another set of eyes review your resume will help to eliminate your risk of grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Be consistent – If you use one date format on your resume, use it throughout. Do not use 02/2011 for one job then use 2/11 for another.  ’11 means 2011 while 11’ means 11 feet.
  • Be mindful of the use of the word “Present” – This indicates you currently are working a job or participating in a certain activity. If you are no longer employed or involved in an activity, make sure your resume is accurate.
  • Use a neutral color – Rather than using pink text with Hello Kitty borders, keep your resume professional with black, white and gray tones and a basic font.

There is one basic truth about crafting a resume: A resume is about your future, not just your past. Since you are marketing your services to an employer, it is your job as the candidate to demonstrate to the employer why you are the right person for the job. In today’s tough job market, it is well worth your energy to improve the quality of your resume to increase your chances of landing the right job for you.

By Knowledge Services | Feb 22,2012