On the Job Hunt? Why You Should Consider Temporary Employment

Jul 17,2020

You may have a great degree and impressive experience, but you can’t seem to land the right job. Why is that? Whether you’re a recent graduate or you were laid off due to COVID-19, sometimes it might seem impossible to find the perfect full-time roleFinding the right position for your professional goals and ideals can be harder said than done. Understanding all of your employment options, however, should be your first step. One option that you might not have thought about is temporary employment. 

So, what is temporary employment? Temporary employment is an assignment that has a predetermined termination date prior to accepting the position. The right strategic move for your career might be to round out your resume with experience you may need for your future with a temporary roleMany benefits come with short-term work, check out a few below! [1] 


Expand Your Skill Set 

There are many positions available for professionals who don’t want full-time work or can’t find the right direct-hire role. But fortunately for many professionals, temporary employment allows you to gain knowledge in some areas that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity forThe short-term role you may decide to take today might allow for the additional, needed experience for your dream job or dream industry down the road, while also sharpening your professional skills today. 

But what if it’s not the ‘right’ fit? That is the wonderful opportunity with temporary employment, it is for a specified time. If anything, you are able to gain more, valuable experience in the workforce, while also making a stable income. On the other hand, you might find your calling! An additional benefit for temporary employment is that many times you can set up another contract right away, with no time gap in positions.  


Built-in Support System 

With a dedicated and talented team of recruiters like ours at Knowledge Services, you can guarantee a built-in support system to better manage anything that might come your wayOur recruiters are committed to making your path to your preferred role as seamless as possible. Our team at KS is here to support and guide you through your career with each assignment you take and ensure you’re working on the right assignment, with the right organization, for the right amount of time. 

Our trained recruiters are specialized in your specific industries to guide you from application to your last day on the assignment, to hopefully your next role! Some of our specialties are Information Technology, Administrative, and Medical, to name a few. Our team evaluates your personal needs and professional goals to match you with the right position and company.  


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Start Your Career 

As of June 2020, the US unemployment rate is at 11.1%, this has come down from an alarming 14.7% just a couple months prior. While the unemployment rate doesn’t discriminate against age, 2020 college graduates seem to be taking this very hard. The unemployment rate for those aged from 20-24 has risen to 25.7%. With finding full-time work being tough at this time, why not widen your search with short-term work assignments? [2] [3] 

As a new graduate not able to lock down your ideal roletemporary work can allow you to have quick experience to fully begin your career into your desired fieldOne of the best qualities about a short-term professional assignment is that it gives you the unique opportunity to really dip your toes into a new role or take on an assignment that you are unsure if you want to have long-term. Before fully committing yourself, you are able to experience the new role and company. 

Even though some companies are not hiring permanent employees, it is entirely possible to find temporary employment in your chosen field that can help you gain relevant work experience and build on your skills and networkWhen starting your career out of college, building your professional network is important and can be very valuable in the long run.  


Temporary Employment Can Be Flexible 

An alternative to full-time roles, temporary employment gives you the opportunity to explore your professional interests and uncover what works best for your professional and personal life. With the flexibility of assignment length and hours, you can take on a temporary role with ease, knowing work-life balance might come easier20% of contract, or short-term employees cite that schedule flexibility is a reason why they decided to choose temporary employment. [4] 

Many professionals might find themselves with a small gap otheir resumeThey could be searching for a new role in a new industry, moving to a new town or state, or just graduating to name a few. 6 in 10 staffing employees (64%) work as a contractor or temporary worker to fill in the gap between jobs or to help them land another job. [4] 

Ultimately, there are many benefits to temporary employment, and for those interested in adding to their experience while looking for something more permanent, a shift in mindset can open a world of opportunities.  

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By Knowledge Services | Jul 17,2020