How Organizations Remain Competitive in Today’s Talent Market

Aug 20,2012

Most of the candidates we present to clients are currently “happily employed” but would consider a move for the right opportunity. We’ve been seeing a lot of counter offers and promotions from current employers in order to hold on to their top talent. Our best advice to organizations is: “If you want to keep up with your competition, you must take your top talent seriously and do everything in your power to retain it.” We articulate that our main objective is to clearly understand the client’s requirements by discussing the needs and expectations of the position in order for us to find the most suitable candidate.

In processes that can seem overwhelming for organizations, is where the Knowledge Services’ managed service provider (MSP) solution comes in using our range of workforce management solutions to ensure candidates are thoroughly assessed for the required rule. Once all relevant information is gathered and compiled, only the most suitable, experienced and qualified candidates are submitted for consideration.

For organizations that are struggling to both find AND retain top talent, partnering with Knowledge Services provides flexibility. In terms of direct hire recruitment, we are able to find the top tier of talent and make them some of your organizations best assets.  As a certified Woman Business Enterprise, we can help meet your diversity needs as well, which may help you meet regulatory requirements.

By Knowledge Services | Aug 20,2012