Hiring Managers Spend Too Much Time Sifting Through Resumes

Dec 14,2015
Contract Job Opportunities

managed service provider (MSP) can relieve an enormous amount of administrative burden to hiring managers by taking on the lion’s share of the requisition management and onboarding tasks.

Below is a high level overview of what the job requisition and onboarding process looks like with an MSP. The items highlighted are the tasks the hiring manager is responsible for, while the remaining items are managed by the MSP Program Team. This process alleviates much of the burden hiring managers are faced with when trying to hire the right candidates.

  1. A job requisition is submitted by the hiring manager and the on-site MSP program team member consults with the hiring manager to confirm job requisition needs and specifications to verify job task order accuracy and completeness.
  2. Once approved by the hiring manager, the on-site MSP program team member posts the job position in the dotStaff™ VMS system; the requisition is released to the subcontractors at the same time.
  3. Using their experience and knowledge of the hiring manager’s needs, the MSP program team member reviews, qualifies and conducts the initial resume screening and phone interviews candidates to eliminate those that don’t meet the criteria for position.
  4. The qualified candidates are presented to the hiring manager for consideration and review.
  5. The MSP program team member coordinates the interview logistics, meets the candidates and introduces them to the hiring manager for the interview.
  6. The hiring manager will conduct interviews, provide feedback about the candidates and inform the MSP program team member of the desired candidate for the position.
  7. The MSP program team member verifies the final rate for the subcontractor with the hiring manager.
  8. A targeted start date for the selected candidate is agreed upon by the hiring manager and MSP program team. The MSP program team directs the subcontractor to complete all pre-employment screening and documentation.
  9. Before the identified start date, the MSP program team member confirms all the pre-employment requirements are completed in a timely manner.
  10. The resource is provided time entry training prior to the start date by the MSP program team member.
  11. If necessary, the on-site MSP team performs orientation with the candidate on their first day (answers questions about work location, security and building access badging, parking, work hours, etc.).
  12. The candidate enters their time in dotStaff™ VMS and a notification is sent to the manager for time approval.The manager reviews and approves or denies time, and any approved time is invoiced.

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By Anna Bielawski | Dec 14,2015