What role does risk management play in your organization?

Dec 13,2011

Recently, I found myself in a dilemma about obtaining travel health insurance for a trip in early 2012. After examining several different travel insurance programs, one distinct element was common throughout all, a series of conditional statements.

Each company expressed a variety of scenarios with, “If you encounter _____ , then we will provide you with _____ .” The unpredictability of local conditions along with the availability of quality care were overwhelming. Nonetheless, I recognized how I, the potential customer, deserved the most cost-effective plan that met my specific needs. Essentially, I needed to select a company that views “risk” in the same way that Knowledge Services does: I needed a company with risk management strategies that have been validated through years of knowledge and experience.

In regards to any of our MSP/VMS projects, Knowledge Services views risk as any factor that may potentially interfere with a project’s successful completion or ongoing success. The Knowledge Services Risk Management Program clearly defines risks so that unexpected and/or “emergency” issues requiring urgent solutions are avoided, or at the very least highly minimized.  The Knowledge Services risk assessment is based on our management teams’ over 50 years of experience with large scale systems implementation and, specifically, our 7 year history as MSP providers to State Government and private industry.

In actual practice, our most important consideration is our ability to stick to our system. Therefore, our experience mandates that risk become a part of any deployment plan.  Our success is based on the premise that potential risks be identified early,  communicated effectively, classified properly (as a risk or an opportunity), prioritized, assigned ownership, risk responses are pre-staged and implemented and that all risks (both previous and newly identified) are both documented and tracked.

Using this approach to risk management, I was able to able to select a company that provided the right resources and right strategies at the right time for me. I now feel confident I can face anything that could potentially go wrong.

What role does risk management play in your organization?

By Knowledge Services | Dec 13,2011