3 Ways an MSP Helps Organizations Save Time and Money

Jan 27,2015
3 Ways a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Helps Organizations Save Time and Money

Knowledge Services Managed Service Provider (MSP) program helps organizations alleviate the manual effort it takes to activate and maintain a temporary workforce. By automating and optimizing the temporary labor process, companies experience significant cost savings and the ability to focus on other pressing business needs.

Read below about three specific ways a MSP can help an organization experience these benefits.

  1. Better Quality Candidates

When you think about the impact on productivity and the price of hiring and training new employees, you quickly realize the substantial cost businesses face with employee turnover. To reduce employee turnover, it’s important to have the right processes in place to hire the best people. Unfortunately, finding and hiring the perfect person places a heavy burden on organizations. Managed service provider (MSP) programs help companies by partnering with them to understand what kinds of candidates they need. Once that is understood, a dedicated Knowledge Services MSP team introduces the position to a number of expert staffing vendors who compete to find the right person for the specified role. Additionally, the Knowledge Services MSP team qualifies and screens candidates for our clients and finds the best fit for the position based on our knowledge of the client, hiring manager and industry expertise. This helps you find better quality candidates more quickly and without the hassle of finding them yourself.

  1. Stronger Vendor Relationships

Perhaps your organization already has a group of vendors in place to help you find quality candidates. When dealing with a variety of vendors, you have to carefully and consistently manage separate contracts and/or pricing structures for each vendor and, on top of that, continuously nurture those relationships to ensure a successful partnership. Finding the right vendors to work with, managing the paperwork and price structures for each, and nurturing the relationships to ensure success can be burdensome.

With the Knowledge Services vendor-neutral managed service provider, vendors become trusted partners. We manage the staffing vendors and make sure you are paying the right price for the best candidates. Unique access for both hiring managers and vendor partners to local and regional market pricing information ensures an effective balance between resource quality and price. Through open competition, vendors remain dedicated and are assured equal and fair access to business opportunities, which makes them committed to finding the right person to fill your open positions.

  1. Process Efficiencies

Do you manually manage your organization’s temporary workforce?If so, are you finding that the process leaves you with an infinite stack of papers on your desk and endless headaches? Since we’re all humans, manually managing temporary workers can also be fraught with errors and inaccuracies.

A full service workforce management solution like the Knowledge Services MSP manages vendor contracts, qualifies temporary position openings, and interviews candidates to ensure they are a great fit for your company, and onboards new hires once they’ve accepted the position.  These process efficiencies streamline and strengthen your processes, saving you valuable time and delivering a higher quality temporary workforce.

Saving time and money allows companies to spend more time on other projects while investing monetary resources back into the organization. Sounds like a win-win, right?

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By Knowledge Services | Jan 27,2015