Which labor categories are best served by an MSP?

Jun 18,2015
Which labor categories are best served by a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?


Currently, many government and commercial organizations are transitioning their open part-time jobs to temporary contracts to save money and cut budgets, which means they have hiring needs in a variety of departments. There is a need to quickly and efficiently fill these positions so their organization can continue to operate normally.

Many staffing organizations designed to help fill these temporary positions commonly focus on only hiring for one labor category, such as IT. Hiring managers at companies utilizing the services of a staffing agency likely have several other positions in different departments that they need to find great candidates for. In that case, hiring managers may be forced to use one staffing company to help them fill their IT positions and another to fill their administrative positions. What a hassle!

It doesn’t have to be segregated. The Knowledge Services MSP can manage all temporary labor needs, including administrative, IT, medical, finance, legal, HR, etc. Organizations can easily get the help they need to fill their open positions in a variety of departments from one single point of contact. By working with an MSP that serves all labor categories, you save money by not having to work with more than one staffing company and you find the right candidates quickly to fill the positions you have available, leaving you plenty of time to focus on the rest of your to-do list.

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By Anna Bielawski | Jun 18,2015