Common Interview Questions & Tips to Prepare

Jun 18,2020

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already gone through or prepared for at least one. Some professionals don’t know how to prepare for an interview or are unaware of what mistakes they might make. Practicing for your interview is key component in the application process when making career move. If you want to improve your chances of landing your next job, our recruiters have some tips for you.  

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked interview questions, which can be used as a tool as you prepare for your next interview. Developing a strong response for each question and how it specifically relates to your specialty in your industry is keyTailor your responses to your own work history as well as the new position and company. 


Why Are You Looking for a New Job?


This question may be one of the first an interviewer will ask, so be sure you are prepared for it! Any interviewee is encouraged to speak truthfully about past experiences and positions, though it’s important to remember to never bad-mouth your previous employer or company. If you are in a dead-end position with minimal growth, explain that. If your position does not allow for learning capabilities due to the type of management you are under, say so. Choose your words wisely. Instead of saying you did not like your boss, indicate how the culture was not a suitable fit for you long-term.  


Why Do You Want to Work Here?


If you’ve done your homework, you know exactly why you want to work there. If you organize your thoughts into clear sentences that are hard-hitting and precise, you will come across very prepared, eager, and ready to join their team.  


What Is Your Dream Job?


For this question, the interviewer wants to see how closely the position you have applied for is aligned with your future goals. Even if you are unsure what you want to do long-term, you want to touch on how this new position can help guide you to your end goals and how you can be an asset to this company. You want your answer to look as a future benefit for the company. Show that this can be a strength that might put your qualifications above other candidates.  


What Are Your Secrets to Success?


You could keep this answer short and sweet, highlighting some of your personal traits and tactics that have helped you advance in your career. This could mean sharing your keen attention to detail or how you easily get along with other peopleHowever, you choose to answer, this can provide the recruiter or hiring manager a valuable look inside your personal life and goals. You may explain briefly what motivates you to succeed or what makes you get up in the morning.  


What Do You Know About Our Company?


It’s important to showcase what you know about the company. Show that you did your homework, but do not come across overly confident or too eager.  Make sure you understand the company’s mission and vision and share how the company’s beliefs align with your personal goals. If there are alumni from your college or university, reference them. Use this as a way in and explain how this could be a wonderful networking or mentor opportunity.  


Describe Your Perfect Workday?


Whatever your perfect workday consists of, you want to show an excellent use of your time. An interviewee wants to show that you like to plan out your day to express how you stay organized to meet your daily or weekly goals for your team. With this answer, you also want to express how enjoy working with others and can be a great addition to any team. 


Have You Ever Supervised Anyone?


This is a question that your interviewer may check in on – do not exaggerate! If you have ambitions to become a manager one day, it’s important to showcase any skills you may have that would contribute to you being a good manager.   


What Is Your Greatest Strength?


You will want to highlight high points from your background and build on them to relate to the job you’re applying for. Also, a great “rule of thumb” is to note 3 strengths that demonstrate your character and how it relates to you as an employee.  


How Do You Stay Up to Date on The Latest Technologies, Techniques, and Best Practices?


This question provides you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to learn new things and your openness to new ideas, tools, etc. This is an excellent time to talk about your education, any certifications, training courses you have taken, blogs you follow, professional podcasts, etc. This question can allow you to present yourself as someone who continues to grow, learn, and experience new things. 

If you haven’t had much time to spend on your professional development lately, now is the perfect time to find something that interests you and dive in. There are many free online resources, videos, and tutorials available for any job function. 


What Interests You Most About This Position?


You can take multiple different angles to answer this question correctly. You want to remain truthful and concise when making a few brief statements on the company, your qualifications, and your knowledge of the industry. 


What Are Your Qualifications?


For this, you want to deliver facts that are short and straight to the point. If you have experience in project management, explain this by showing clear examples. If you have experience in training or operations, identify your small wins or successes. 


Where DYou See Yourself in 5 Years? 


Some candidates make a big mistake while answering this question. Often enough, job hunters answer this question without doing their homework and have no idea where the current position you’re applying to can lead you. For example, you may have interests in another department, and this is something you will want to tread lightly with. 


Why Are You the Best Candidate for This Role?


An interviewer may ask this in some way, shape or form, however, expressing why they should hire you should be your end goal. Do not reiterate what is written on your resume, be ready to speak with confidence on your skills and passion. Prepare yourself with an elevator pitch that can identify why this job will prepare you for the future you want. 


Are You Interviewing for Any Other Opportunities?


Interviewers often ask this question to gauge what other opportunities you are exploring and how far along you are in the process with other potential companies. Answering this question honestly caallow the recruiter to understand your timeline and give the hiring teams a sense of urgency if necessary. Transparency and honest communication will result in a smoother recruitment experience for you and the recruiter. 


Do You Have Any Questions for Me at This Time?


If you have adequately prepared for the interview and read over the job description, you should have a few questions prepared for the interviewer. These can be very specific, like “What kind of customer relationship management (CRM) system do you use?” or a more generic inquiry such as “What is the culture like on this team?”. Make sure to jot down your questions before the interview so the interviewer knows that you came prepared. 


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By Knowledge Services | Jun 18,2020