The ‘Gig Economy’ for Government: It’s Not What You Think

Mar 15,2018
The 'Gig Economy' for Government: It's Not What You Think

For state agencies straining to fill professional positions with qualified employees, the nation's vast workforce offers an invaluable resource.


State governments face a workforce crisis. As veteran employees reach retirement age, the public sector struggles to hire and retain new workers. At the same time, high turnover rates make it hard for many agencies to offer exceptional service. In Florida, for instance, the Office of Child Welfare has lost approximately 40 percent of its child protective investigators every year since 2013. A 2014 survey of state health agencies predicted that by 2020, at least 38 percent of employees currently working in public health will have left the field. Agencies must not only replace departed workers, but constantly train new hires.

In this landscape, many agency leaders remain unaware of a rich supply of talent that could help solve their problems — the millions of professionals who take part in the on-demand, contingent workforce known as the “gig economy.”

By Anna Bielawski | Mar 15,2018