4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Government MSP

Mar 26,2014

Whether you are in Federal, State, or Local government, choosing the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) might be the most important decision you make all year.

MSP companies are frequently employed to handle an organization’s overall contingent workforce management, reporting and tracking, and consolidated invoicing. MSPs are quickly becoming more prevalent as government agencies are recognizing their ability to increase operational efficiency while reducing costs. Additionally, because they can act as a ‘neutral’ party, MSPs are popular for minimizing business risk by offering their customers transparent operations with detailed metrics.

Here are 4 things that are important to consider when selecting a proven government MSP:

1. Efficiency

Working with a MSP can streamline and automate your processes, saving you time and money. A good MSP will offer a complete solution to your workforce management needs, so that you can focus on the main parts of your organization. Make sure the MSP you choose incorporates processes that make the day to day operations easier and more efficient, not harder and more complex.

2. Risk Reduction

We can agree less risk is always better, right? Knowledge of independent contractor (IC) and contingent labor laws are a must when choosing a government MSP. Your MSP should have compliance programs with clearly stated policies for evaluating candidates. Ensure the MSP has experience with and processes for 1099s or ICs.

3. Decision Support

Wouldn’t it be nice to measure your contingent workforce related decisions? Well, a government MSP with decision support should be able to provide that information in real-time reports, as well as forecast future savings and spend. You should also make sure that your MSP provides transparent invoicing, giving you easy and secure access to all financial transactions.

4. Staffing Services

Also, be sure to ask about their recruiting methods. Do they offer screening processes? Do they have ways of targeting candidates for different spend categories? The MSP that’s right for your organization will design a strategy to specifically meet your unique workforce needs.

Looking for the BEST government MSP sounds like a daunting task, but considering these 4 things first makes it much easier to find.

What do you think is important to consider when it comes to MSPs?

By Knowledge Services | Mar 26,2014