Knowledge Services’ vendor management system (VMS) is a smartly designed and innovative web-based, mobile accessible platform allowing organizations to easily engage and manage an entire assignment-driven workforce including acquisition, assignment, communications, time and activity tracking and progress reporting, as well as secure document sharing and advanced predictive analytics. The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is a user-friendly application that provides improved governance and oversight, increases efficiency, reduces costs and drives compliance throughout an organization’s entire assignment workflow.

The VMS enables the execution and measurement of integrated workforce management strategies, including:

  • Managing, prioritizing, scheduling and delivering complex, multi-tiered assignments.
  • Tactics and methods for measuring and achieving mandated performance metrics.
  • Designs for achieving an optimal mix of contingent vs. direct hires.
  • Approaches for applying industry best practices.
  • Establishing, measuring and validating assignment tracking of FTE, contractors, service providers and contingent workers.

Our VMS is a comprehensive, web-enabled and mobile accessible workforce management solution that automates, documents, tracks and provides reporting on all aspects of workforce engagement. The VMS is a highly configurable application and can map to most any business process or model, ensuring all program needs are met.