What is a SaaS Cloud-based Solution?

Mar 15,2017

Using new technologies (or even technologies that have been around for a while but are new to an organization) can cause headaches and anxieties for leadership and IT staff. It’s obvious as to why – technologies like cloud solutions, as an example, take away the feeling of security most CEO’s feel when their data is housed on-site electronically or in hard-copy. We live in a world where technology is the key to success. However, we can say ‘technology’ in a multitude of settings and it mean completely different things based on the scenario.

So why is everyone talking about the Cloud?

Digital technologies, such as a SaaS Cloud-based solution, are used to improve outdated processes, encourage growth, and advance profitability in business. Moving away from old processing to real-time analytical capabilities can save an organization time, money, and exposure to human-error.

What is a SaaS Cloud-based Solution?

Simply put, SaaS is short for “software as a service.” A SaaS describes a cloud service where customers are able to access their data or software applications over the internet. For instance, applications that are hosted in “the cloud” include companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. All of these SaaS applications allow users to access the functionality at any time via internet-enabled devices.

So where is your data when you use a cloud-based solution? Virtual services are used to pull computing resources from physical web services hosted in off-site data centers and locations. Having your data stored on large remote servers allows you to access it at any time without having to worry about using up your hard disk space on your computer or if your computer decides to crash, you don’t lose everything.

What are the benefits?

Utilizing a SaaS Cloud-based solution can assist in the streamlining of processes, planning, tracking, performance and many other business needs. Additionally, the pressures of risk management are alleviated from the client since the organization hosting the SaaS solution takes full responsibility for your data and implements procedures to minimize disruptions to you and your users when you wish to access it. As you can imagine, there are many benefits to adopting a SaaS Cloud-based solution.

  1. You Can Work From Anywhere – one of the biggest benefits of utilizing a SaaS solution is that you can work from anywhere. No matter where you or your employees are working, you can access your data and the applications you need to get a job done right.
  1. Free up Storage – utilizing a SaaS solution allows you to free up storage on your devices by storing data in the cloud. Especially for the mobile worker, space on a device can be a premium and a Cloud-based solution will allow for the individual to do their job without running the risk of not having enough storage to log additional data.
  1. Device Issues – we’ve all feared a day when, our devices whether phones, laptops or iPads break down or even worse, crash. Not only do SaaS solutions free up space on your device, they actually prevent you from worrying about losing your data if the device fails or is stolen.
  1. Maintenance and Spend – in utilizing a SaaS solution, cost-savings are more probable than if you chose a desktop application or a software license for a specific product. A good SaaS provider will handle the setup, implementation, and maintenance for you, giving you more time to focus on your company’s goals.
  1. No Manual Updates Needed – in the age of agile development, constant product updates are a given. Almost seamlessly, your solution is automatically updated to newer versions of the product without having to train staff or worry about compatibility of older versions with your data.
  1. Configurable – a good SaaS solution is there to force your needs not fit your needs to the SaaS solution. A SaaS Cloud-based solution should be architected for high-configurability to best attend to the standard and dynamic needs of every client.

A SaaS solution is more stable today than it ever has been in the past. Additionally, it is proving to be the highest sought after resource. According to research carried out by the Harvard business Review Analytic Service, 77% of businesses in 2015 felt like cloud computing gave them the competitive advantage. Furthermore, only six years ago 12% of businesses were using cloud-based solutions, compared with 87% as of December 2016.

Using a SaaS Solution, especially one that is Cloud-based, mobile-accessible, and eliminates budgetary constraints, has exponential benefits that save time and money. Choose a partner that is transparent, attentive, and honest before deciding on your next SaaS move.

By Anna Bielawski | Mar 15,2017