Knowledge Services is focused on helping all levels of government improve the lives of the citizens they serve. To that end, our Survey Management Solution is designed to provide government entities with an efficient means of capturing and collecting Patient (Client) data. Our experienced survey program teams ensure client administrative burdens are minimal, participant/client interest and engagement is maximized, and interviewer quality and retention are unparalleled. Our survey program teams understand the essentials involved in effective data collection, including:

  • A People-centric approach
  • Project-specific configuration
  • Data security and content sensitivity
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Significant cost optimization

Our survey management approach and strategy includes organized coverage. Scheduling optimization and accurate data organization is vital to efficiently and effectively completing processes, and our proprietary Mobile Case Management (MCM) system precisely caters to those needs. Utilizing our born-digital MCM solution, our project teams are able to catalogue timely and accurate data, track completed surveys, manage travel time, and yield cost savings due to gained efficiencies. We strive to meet and exceed every compliance standard and keep sensitive data protected at all times.

The Knowledge Services’ Survey Management solution provides leadership, program team members and evaluators alike the tools and information access they need to deliver timely and quality surveys.