Organizations work with a variety of staffing vendors, contractors and service providers to provide needed resources and candidates to fill job openings. Managing large numbers of these vendors and contractors, their relationships and contracts; screening resources and resumes; completing pre-employment, pre-engagement and ongoing credentialing requirements; and managing and tracking costs and activities can be overwhelming.

To eliminate administrative burdens and streamline these processes, Knowledge Services functions as the Managed Service Provider (MSP). The MSP carries the primary responsibility, on behalf of the client, for over-seeing all workforce engagement requirements from candidate selection to compliance and reporting. The MSP model becomes the singular contract and point of contact, instead of hundreds, for a client to manage. Knowledge Services utilizes a web-based technology known as a Vendor Management System (VMS). The VMS enables all workforce engagement processes to be streamlined and automated.

Our mobile workforce solutions provide organizations access to critical information and provides comprehensive transparency of activities performed by mobile or field-based workers, including contract, service provider and full time equivalent (FTE) employees, inclusive of time, date, location and duration of services performed.