Mobile Workforce Technology

Get more value out of your case management system.

Increase the value of your case management system with Knowledge Services’ Mobile Workforce Technology solution. Not only does our technology complement case management systems by allowing information to easily transmit back and forth, but it also increases field worker satisfaction and provides additional value to leadership.

Now you can increase efficiency while maintaining ultimate security in a comprehensive, easy-to-use environment. And with detailed reporting and predictive analytics, you can devise the best strategies and optimize future assignments for an even higher return on investment.

Outcomes at Work

Eliminate Errors with a Digital-First Approach

Digital data reveals actionable insights for field-based industries. Knowledge Services’ electronic data capture minimizes the probability for human error by eliminating duplicate data entry. With a digital-first approach, valuable information is shared seamlessly between those in the field and those with legacy data and case management systems. Capturing all information that is relevant to your mission through Knowledge Services’ Mobile Workforce Technology enables you and your team to make well-informed decisions for your program and agency.

Automate Administrative Tasks for More Productive Field Work

Automating administrative tasks provides significant time savings to those in the field. Everything from route optimization to dynamic calendaring and scheduling can be streamlined with Knowledge Services’ Mobile Workforce Technology Software.Whether online or offline, electronic data capture complements the existing infrastructure by allowing the user to update their files with pertinent information for 360 view of the project, instantly. We help enable field workers with tools that handle task-based logistics so that more productive time can be spent wherever they are.

Access Key Information from Anywhere

For a program to succeed, all participants must have the information and tools they need to get the job done. Our Mobile Workforce Technology delivers the information your field workers need straight from the home database.With an open data framework, workers can spend more time on the task at hand rather than juggling disparate systems. Dual performance ratings close the feedback loop, while electronic signatures and built-in geofencing give a well-rounded view of project activity, reducing the risk for fraud and abuse.

Prioritize Modern Tech to Attract the Best Talent

As people grow accustomed to technological advancements in their personal lives, they expect the same convenience and innovative tools in their place of work. With an aging government workforce, agencies must consider the needs of the next wave of professionals. Knowledge Services’ Mobile Workforce Technology is a seamless integration with existing systems that bypasses the burden of hard copy processes.By prioritizing technology, you can attract passionate, talented, civic-minded people needed in the public sector. With these upgraded tools, field workers will no longer be bogged down in paperwork and administrative tasks to fulfill their duties.

Our Client's Success

Knowledge Services has had the pleasure of improving workforce management in agencies, organizations, and state and local governments of all sizes.

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