Mobile Case Management

Increase efficiency with real-time access to information, even on the go.

Knowledge Services’ Mobile Case Management solution is specifically designed to empower you in the field so you can maximize your time and access information on-the-go. Now you can get the information you need when you need it, allowing you to focus less on administrative work and more on your mission of serving others.

Knowledge Services’ Mobile Case Management gives your mobile workers extensive visibility and access to real-time files and forms they need, resulting in faster and better decision making. Our solutions are uniquely built to fit your needs so that you can take advantage of mobile capabilities – regardless of the size of your team.

Outcomes at Work

Get the Most Accurate Data for Better Decision Making

The increasing mobile workforce deserves mobile-first tools to get the job done well and on time. Through our Mobile Case Management system, the mobile workforce is able to gather more actionable insights than ever before, equipping leaders with more information for better evidence-based decision making. Plus, real-time, configurable reporting dashboards keep everyone on track and on the same page towards accomplishing agency objectives. The Knowledge Services’ Mobile Case Management system "is configurable to meet the needs and size of every team – so that each application of the product is as helpful as possible when providing insights to both those in the field and those in the office.

Win Back Time and Resources Through Automation

The Knowledge Services Mobile Case Management system brings process automation to the forefront of government operations. Digitized processes allow for unprecedented cross-agency collaboration and service delivery. From intake qualification to case escalation and completion, this solution is designed for an intuitive and seamless end-user experience. The allows for various media, signatures, and data capture, giving more time back to the employee to focus on their task at hand ensuring exceptional service and prompt delivery. Not only does the application grant more quality time during service delivery, but its embedded route optimization technologies makes the journey shorter, so that those in the field can fit more into their day.

Keep Citizens (and Their Data) Safe

When you increase your efficiency, you improve your customer service. With the right tools in place, agencies can chip away at growing backlogs and provide better service to their communities. Citizens expect and deserve more, and with Knowledge Services’ Mobile Case Management system, even transient workers can now do more with less. Dual performance ratings coupled with service times and location validation all promote the open and transparent work environment that governments strive for, while keeping personally identifiable information (PII) safe. In an age where cyber attacks are more common than ever, federal security standards are no longer a “nice to have.” At Knowledge Services, we take security seriously for our clients and citizens by aligning with FedRAMP security measures.

Prepare for the Tech-Savvy Workforce

As the traditional workforce begins to age and an influx of younger generations enter the public sector, governments must acknowledge that this new wave of professionals have grown up in a digital era—and they’re used to quickly and easily accessing the information they need when they need it. Effectively managing your talent means providing your workforce with the necessary safety features, imperative data, and service delivery records they need to successfully complete the task at hand. By adopting modern and mobile-first technologies, governments can promote better service through individual and team accountability for all citizens and public servants.

Did You Know?

Only 20% of government agencies find that tracking the performance of mobile and remote employees is easy.

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