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Broaden your candidate pool with vetted, on-demand workers.

At Knowledge Services, we’re experts in getting the right people in the right positions. In today’s emerging “gig economy”, our technology and people are able to connect skilled workers to open government jobs–providing you with previously inaccessible talent, and the individual with more opportunities to work.

Knowledge Services’ dedicated team is able to provide access to highly qualified, sought after, on-demand, and fully vetted professionals for government positions, whether short or long-term. Now you can take advantage of this new wave of talent to broaden your candidate pool.

Outcomes at Work

Take Advantage of Top Talent and Let Us Handle the Rest

As the competition for top talent intensifies, government is faced with a growing need for on-demand workers. At the same time, gigs give citizens a second source of income and the ability to serve in government roles by applying their skills and expertise in areas largely seeking quality talent in the public sector. Luckily, the gig economy has redefined what it means to work in the 21st century, allowing employers across all industries to benefit from available, highly skilled gig workers. Now, government can tap into this vast talent cloud, while allowing Knowledge Services to effectively manage the business workflow, engagement, and behind-the-scenes administration.

Get the Data You Need to Make the Best Hires

A number of industries have begun taking advantage of the emerging shared economy, benefiting from the best talent without any strings attached. By leveraging this growing demographic of workers, the public sector can bridge the private and public talent gap through the Knowledge Services Gig for Government solution. Our on-demand workforce management system gives you invaluable information for a holistic view of the modern-day workforce and presents actionable insights for government leaders across all branches and agencies. Plus, our comprehensive reporting technology allows users to create tailored reports, so that you can identify supply and demand trends and find the exact picture you’re looking for.

Provide Ultimate Flexibility in Each Work Relationship

Today, governments can transform citizen-to-citizen care and accountability through Knowledge Services' Gig for Government solution. We understand that service delivery is personal, which is why our citizen-first engagement platform makes it easy for participants to select trusted, certified professionals for excellent care delivery, while gig workers can select where, when, and with whom they want to work. Knowledge Services is committed to optimizing the citizen experience in government care to help strengthen and modernize public service delivery.

Access a Vast Network of Qualified Talent

The Gig for Government mission is simple: connect those who want to serve with those who need services. By providing the opportunity for gig workers to use their skills and expertise in self-selected hours, citizens in need of crucial services can gain greater options for care. Knowledge Services’ compliant, quick placement methodologies combined with grassroots peer-to-peer referral campaigns kickstart the shared economy into the public sector. With an easy sign-up and onboarding process, Knowledge Services fully vets and verifies qualified and certified talent prior to any citizen engagement request, giving way to government’s first talent cloud.

Did You Know?

51% of State agencies have a need for pre-qualified, certified individuals to meet on-demand needs or gaps in their workforce.
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