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Save time and costs while increasing performance with our eligibility specialists.

Knowledge Services understands that each state and state agency varies in the eligibility requirements to receive state aid. With our customizable managed Eligibility Solution, Knowledge Services is your partner in verifying the factors of eligibility for state aide coverage.

Outcomes at Work

Provide Hands-On Service

Citizens deserve respect and proper attention when applying for state services, and the Knowledge Services staff are experts in helping agencies determine eligibility while providing exceptional customer service. Our faster, friendlier, and more supportive intake model ensures the public receives the correct information in a timely and empathetic manner. Rather than the typical one-size-fits-all model for outlining eligibility requirements, Knowledge Services takes a local, hand-delivered, and personal approach to helping citizens understand the qualifications and necessary steps for application of services.

Find the Most Qualified Eligibility Specialists

Working with Knowledge Services for Eligibility Solutions increases your visibility into actionable data and performance metrics through custom designed reporting around office and employee level performance measures, tolerance levels for each program metric target, and tailored workflows. We are experts in helping government agencies use their data points to identify areas for project improvements and service quality enhancements. Our data capturing tools configure accuracy levels, timeliness of services, and continuous improvement of the program overall.

Automate Processes for Better Citizen Experiences

Applying for services can be frustrating for citizens, but the Knowledge Services’ automated process of eligibility intake allows the state to make accurate, efficient, and better decisions to better the citizen experience. Through innovative technology and process automation, our eligibility verification methods are uniquely tailored to various geographical, cultural, social, and economic environments.

Talent Management You Can Trust

Maintaining and attracting the right people to gather and assess eligibility applications is often difficult, but with Knowledge Services’ eligibility solutions, we’ve mastered what it takes to find and keep valuable talent. To ensure these individuals are fully trained in process, regulations, and case management systems, Knowledge Services continuously collaborates with agency clients and training providers resulting in professional and highly qualified candidates who often convert to full-time employment with the state.

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