Electronic Visit Verification

Deliver and manage care and services for improved patient outcomes.

Knowledge Services’ Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution was designed to focus on the delivery and process management of care. Now you can have more time to deliver care and services through GPS route optimization, calendaring and scheduling, collaboration platforms, and more.

With Knowledge Services’ EVV solution, you can validate that your employees are delivering the appropriate care and services, resulting in improved patient outcomes, reduction in fraud and abuse, and empowerment of personnel to better serve others.

Outcomes at Work

Protect Citizen Safety With a Trustworthy, Transparent System

Oftentimes, fraud and abuse are committed against the most vulnerable of populations, and we at Knowledge Services are passionate about ensuring appropriate and quality home care for those in need is delivered by combatting those who attempt to undermine the system. In an age of greater technology and information access, we have the ability and duty to build modern day solutions for modern day problems. Through our GPS-enabled mobile technology, we can detect whether or not services were actually rendered and flag suspicious behavior, all in service of the citizen.

Digitize Community Services While Protecting Citizen Data

Information is power—and with Knowledge Services’ Electronic Visit Verification system, governments can achieve greater benefits than ever before with electronic home and community-based services data management, consolidation, and reporting. Robust and customizable reports on field operations and care delivery equip governments with information that was previously untapped, while secure, real-time data access in the field empowers providers to make better informed decisions. At the same time, our secure, mobile application allows for online/offline data input and access while protecting against cyber threats and safely storing personally identifiable information (PII).

Get There Faster with Innovative Mobile Capabilities

As a mobile application, Knowledge Services’ EVV solution delivers wraparound support to point-of-care validation. Through route optimization and dynamic calendaring and scheduling, providers can be on the move without risk of wasting or losing time. Used by providers as a means to accomplish more while also helping states comply with the 21st Century Cures Act, EVV automates care coordination and mileage tracking for streamlined home and community-based processes.

Secure the Right Talent With the Right Tools

As technologies evolve and younger professionals enter the workforce, it’s important that governments deliver the necessary tools to get the job done. By electronically capturing patient and case information on-site, providers can spend less time (during or after hours) filling out required paperwork and focus more of their time and attention on providing services and care. Access to new technologies and modernized processes help service providers in the field be more efficient with their time, while delivering higher quality client service.

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