Consortium Management

Experience combined with AI technology power positive outcomes.

Providing government with an experienced team to partner within economic development and supplier management. We deliver a configurable end-to-end consortium management system to automate the process to fulfill requirements and connect consortium members with opportunities.

Our Consortium Management Solution meets Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) so that awards can be made within our system to provide closed loop reporting and data analytics.

Consortium Management Delivery Experts

Our unique history and expertise in managing government staffing programs and projects have enabled us deliver best-in-class consortium management services:

  • Scouting, Identification, Mapping, Vetting, Recruiting & Training of Members
  • Identifying Clusters of Technologies & Companies Statewide
  • Mapping Regional Capabilities
  • Ongoing Recruitment for Emerging Areas of Interest
  • Nationwide Acquisition of Opportunity Marketplace
  • Teaming and Publicizing Opportunities
  • Management of Acquisition Opportunities
  • Consortium Member Cultivation
  • Performance Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Invoicing

Outcomes at Work

We leverage two decades of traditional, hands on recruiting methods, working with government customers to forecast service needs and proactively identify and select appropriate consortium members, including set-aside members, for the program.

By combining our experienced team and cutting-edge technologies, Knowledge Services empowers our government customers to improve outcomes for the constituents they serve.

Our organization will continually scout and identify other traditional and non-traditional organizations to join the consortium. While nationwide and regional acquisition opportunities will be shared with all members, Knowledge Services also sends proactive and targeted notifications for specialized capabilities when appropriate. Knowledge Services also provides ongoing coaching and mentoring consortium members, including federal acquisition training from Federal Contracting Officers and Acquisition Managers.

We analyze metrics data available through configurable dashboards in dotStaff™ to deliver real-time visibility into responsiveness, quality, compliance, as well as other reporting and analytics our government customers need insight to, such as Contract Award Data, Deliverables and Task Order Tracking, Consortium Member Performance, Contract Compliance and Set Aside Utilization. Our team utilizes these learnings to inform training and education needs for members and process improvements that maximize value for government customers.

Members can have confidence in our secure technology given its FedRAMP Ready status, CMMC compliance, and NIST verification.

Our technology is configurable to meet specific requirements that facilitate:

  • Acquisition Opportunity Marketplace
  • Acquisition Lifecycle Management
  • CM Onboarding & Credentialing
  • CM Compliance Management
  • Period of Performance Monitoring & Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Real Time Invoicing

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