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State of Indiana

Knowledge Services was awarded a contract with the State of Indiana after the State released an RFP that sought to procure Managed Service Provider (MSP) services through a contractor utilizing a Vendor Management System (VMS) to automate statewide procurement of contingent labor.

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State of Indiana

State of Arizona

Knowledge Services was awarded a contract with the State of Arizona to serve as the managed service provider (MSP) for IT professional services through a vendor management system (VMS). This contract is utilized by a variety of cooperatives such as quasi-agencies, cities/municipalities, and universities and can be configured accordingly depending on the needs of each cooperative.

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State of Tennessee

The State of Tennessee awarded Knowledge Services with a contract to serve as a managed service provider (MSP) for statewide contingent workforce services in a variety of job classifications. Knowledge Services presents two options to the State of Tennessee for obtaining IT professional services, including a staff augmentation option and a project option.

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State of Maine

Knowledge Services was awarded a contract with the State of Maine for a managed service provider (MSP) program solution for contract IT labor utilizing a web application vendor management system (VMS). The contract allows Knowledge services to provide enhanced value, resource quality and retention, local subcontractor utilization, and productivity by offloading administrative duties and improving operations. With this contract, Knowledge Services replaced the State of Maine’s previous MSP and VMS providers.

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State of Maine

State of Utah

The State of Utah sought to enter into a contract with a qualified supplier to provide managed service provider (MSP) services that would deliver time and materials IT and medical staff augmentation in an end-to-end technology solution. Knowledge Services was awarded this contract after the State of Utah participated in the MSP pilot program.

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