We strive to provide the most beneficial and critical technological and industry advancements delivering innovative and effective solutions to our clients. Driven by strategic objectives or regulations, varied solutions are required to meet specific industry and organization requirements. Knowledge Services understands this and offers solutions unique to your needs.

Our Mobile Case Management system provides a smartly designed and innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for effective management of your entire assignment-driven workforce. We deliver process automation beginning with contracts management and resource acquisition and extending to assignment management, communications, time and activity tracking and progress reporting, as well as document management and advanced predictive analytics. We enable the execution of integrated workforce management strategies including:

  • complex, multi-tiered assignment prioritization, scheduling and delivery
  • achieving and reporting mandated performance and compliance metrics
  • temporary, contract, 1099 and FTE assignment/project coordination
  • FTE and contractor assignment tracking and reporting


Timely, efficient and accurate collection and reporting of accurate project and assignment information is critical to effective information management. Paper documents and forms that require procurement, distribution, storage, duplication, return postage and filing defers accessibility, increases the risk for errors and hinders predictive analytics.

Our mobile solutions help to ensure information is obtained accurately, available in a timely manner and results in powerful reporting and eliminates the cumbersome and costly effects of paper documents. From e-form service validation to HIPAA compliant health and database-driven electronic records, our mobile device enabled solutions provide organizations with access to critical and timely decision support data and predictive analytics that help to:

  • expand oversight
  • reduce costs
  • increase service quality
  • improve assignment outcomes

Delivering quality services requires effective coordination of assignments and timely and efficient document and information sharing. Our collaboration platform serves as a notification system and information gateway, ensuring all assignment participants have access to the right information when needed and within the system’s sophisticated security structure. Regardless of the user type or web access device, all case documents and information is at your fingertips.

Organizations of all kinds are using “Big Data” to solve important challenges, to innovate and to provide improved services.  Our outcome based predictive analytics reporting engine can provide meaningful and valuable information, presented in logical and actionable structures, which will significantly improve assignment outcomes and decision making. Our technology solution provides you with comprehensive, real-time, resource-driven data that you can confidently use to make business improvements.

With predictive analytics, organizations are able to gain insights not easily determined from traditional reports. Our clients will receive access to real-time data that will help to track and trend activities, spending, compliance, personnel performance and vendor metrics; ensure assignments and projects are achieving desired results and according to defined business rules; and measure compliance to established business rules and receive deviation alerts.

Whether receiving or providing services, improved outcomes and services requires effective communications between all participants, the accurate collection of relevant information and the timely reporting of project and assignment activities. Coordinating and managing assignment schedules and activities, all within the mandatory security profiles, requires defined user types and profiles. Our solution supports wide ranging user types including those needed to support FTEs, managers and various vendor, contractor and service provider user types to recipients and custodians.
Improving service quality requires specific, timely and accurate work product performance and trending. Avoiding delayed, inaccurate and generalized survey statistics becomes easy with our real-time rating system.
An integrated, real-time SMS messaging and notification system allows parties to be notified of project, assignment and schedule information and changes. These notifications appear through both our mobile app and the web gateway.
Preventing unnecessary and duplicate phone calls, voice mails and/or emails among assignment participants, regardless of the number of organizations or the status of the projects or assignments, is addressed with our interactive solution. Users can easily coordinate, alert and notify other assignment-specific users in real-time of weather, traffic or other scheduling-related issues that alter previous scheduled plans. Our interactive solution reduces frustrations, increases utilization rates and provides improved outcomes.
Our location services provide accurate, real-time information while improving worker safety and providing accurate and timely reporting information. Fully integrated within our solution suite, our location services streamline assignment validation and time and expense approvals and information.

Labor Types

Knowledge Services’ Workforce as a Service platform provides improved effectiveness and efficiency of mobile Full Time Employees (FTE) and vendor-engaged contingent, temporary and contract labor of all skill categories across an entire organization. Our proven mobile workforce as a service platform incorporates industry best practices with proven technologies and powerful decision support predictive analytics, providing oversight, governance, transparency and cost savings.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees

Identifying, procuring, deploying and supporting solutions designed to improve utilization, service performance, oversight, data capture and predictive analytics is a formidable challenge. The consequences for failing to deliver improved outcomes and services are extreme. With FTEs expecting advancements and citizens and customers demanding improvement, Knowledge Services can help.

Contract / 1099 Workforce

While managing increasingly complex regulatory changes, process improvements, enhanced controls and systems, IC/1099 contractor reporting is more critical than ever before. At the same time, industry-killing apps are forever changing the concept of sustainable organizational hierarchies. To achieve needed agility, organizations are increasingly and strategically enhancing their core workforce with contract labor. Knowledge Services, with decades of industry knowledge, integrated systems and best practices can help meet your strategic contractor workforce needs.

Service Providers

Our integrated solution provides efficient and effective oversight, process automation and governance in managing service provider, vendor and independent contractor/1099 related services, cases, deliveries and supporting activities. Multi-party appointment coordination and real-time communications combined with secure-access collaboration portals are integral to providing improved service and cost savings. Our solution simplifies contract and invoice administration, which helps to reduce risks, provide both time and cost savings, ensure compliance and offer on-demand reporting and predictive analytics.

With Knowledge Services you can:

  • Improve quality and outcomes
  • Measure and enhance assignment, service provider and organizational satisfaction
  • Reduce delivery and service costs
  • Increase utilization and productivity
  • Continuously monitor and track certifications, accreditations and readiness

Technology FAQs

Yes. Our solution was designed to support all labor types including temporary, contingent, contract, Full-Time employees (FTEs) and Fixed-Bid Statement of Work (SOW).
Yes. Our technology solution supports all labor categories, including IT, Clerical / Admin, Accounting / Finance, Medical / Health Sciences, Engineering and all other skilled and non-skilled labor.
Definitely. Our solution fully supports resource certification and credentialing, including advanced notifications and alerts to all appropriate users.
Yes, our solution is device agnostic, which means it is compatible with all operating systems and will work on different types of devices, including notebooks, tablet PCs and smartphones.
All users are able to schedule and reschedule appointments, assignments and tasks. Shared calendars combined with integrated system communications help to ensure that all resources remain as productive as possible.
Yes, our solution includes a comprehensive ratings system that allows notes and commentary relating to services rendered to be provided.