Knowledge Services MSP Programs automate labor processes and improves control, transparency and reporting. Our cloud-based enabling technology is comprehensive and highly configurable, providing real-time management and accountability.

All of our MSP Programs are vendor-neutral, resulting in suppliers being trusted partners delivering only the most qualified candidates at the most competitive rates. Powerful local and regional market information and business intelligence for both clients and vendors ensures an effective quality/price balance. Vendors remain focused and are assured equality and fair access to opportunities.

Who do we serve?

Government (State, Local Municipality, university and body of corporate politic)

We understand the specific challenges Federal, State and Local governments face. Writing and scoring RFPs; managing dozens or hundreds of contracts, contractors, vendors and service providers; finding and retaining quality candidates; managing job titles and rates, process compliance and vendor performance are time consuming and demanding. Our proven solutions provide governments with effective and efficient workforce management capabilities.

Demands for greater transparency and improved services combined with budget constraints and greater competition are serious challenges. Our solutions streamline personnel and organizational interactions and processes, with born digital and mobile solutions, to provide greater value to citizens. Designed specifically for public service organizations, our solutions benefit State agencies, cities, towns, bodies of corporate politic, cooperatives, their vendors, contractors, service providers and their citizens.


More than ever before, organizations must accelerate strategic initiatives that result in quantitative business improvements.  Our solutions help improve processes for today’s variable, mobile, digital and big data era. Today’s leaders are focused on competitive risks, including social and technological disintermediation. To address these risks, social and community workforces have become a key strategy. We provide powerful solutions and best practices to help ensure variable human talent objectives are achieved.

Businesses must identify, embrace and deploy strategic “big data” solutions across their entire workforce to maximize analytic value. To accomplish this, proven solutions designed for the entire workforce–FTE, contract and contingent– are required. We are experts in providing solutions for organizations to capture, analyze and report on born-digital human capital activities.


With limited budgets and resources and considering the pace of innovation and change, managers must adopt wide ranging solutions in an effort to reduce administrative costs, enhance efficiencies, streamline operations and provide improved governance. Knowledge Services has a long and successful record of providing comprehensive, results-driven solutions and tools across multiple industries, including

  • Fraud reduction
  • Services validation
  • Improved service quality
  • Process efficiency automation
  • Digital and mobile records
  • Document management

More than ever before, governments today are expected to utilize proven solutions to reduce costs and ensure proper oversight. With Knowledge Services’ mobility solutions, communications, process efficiencies, transparency and governance of field-based workers are no longer challenging. State agencies and local governments and departments will benefit from a government-proven and fully integrated solution, which will drive improved productivity, worker performance and satisfaction.
Increased regulations and complexities are resulting in greater risks for fines and litigation. With years of experience serving all 50 states, we are experts in Independent Contractor (IC)/1099 testing, validation and Employer/Agent of Record services. Our services help ensure organizational compliance, process efficiencies and cost savings. Utilizing our proprietary automation technology, we capture, real-time, all costs, activities and documents and provide consolidated billing and powerful reporting to easily identify funding sources and provide visibility to inefficiencies and labor trends.

Our expertise and deep-rooted compliance knowledge is supported by program, operational and system processes which help ensure organizational, regulatory, financial, insurance, HIPAA and PPACA requirements and mandates are successfully achieved.

Improved accountability and effectiveness and better internal controls are requirements today. With shrinking budgets and growing scrutiny, organizations are being driven to ensure organizational and employment compliance. Knowledge Services can assist with full time, contract and contingent labor compliance systems and process needs.

Our dedicated teams provide clients with specialized recruitment and talent assessment services in labor categories such as:

  • Information technology
  • Clerical and administrative
  • Accounting and finance
  • Call center
  • Light industrial
  • Healthcare staffing

Our accomplished recruiting teams are comprised of industry-specific professionals who are knowledgeable and provide high-quality and timely service. We strive to clearly understand personnel requirements, needs and position expectations, all special requirements and personal qualities/characteristics of a suitable candidate and target our initiatives to satisfy all identified needs.