Standard SLAs within MSP Program Contracts

Sep 16,2015

Service-level agreements (SLAs) are a critical part of a contract between a managed service provider and a client. At Knowledge Services, we work with our clients to develop SLAs that outline our responsibilities to the client to ensure we meet their needs and make sure there are clear expectations before the partnership begins. Setting up and reviewing SLAs regularly helps to guarantee that no issues arise and there is no interruption with work being done.

Below are a few of the general service-level agreements typically used in a contract with an MSP program to guarantee that the best work is being provided for the client and ensure overall program success.

  • Response Time
    • Job Request Confirmation: time it takes for the MSP to confirm job request receipt
    • Resume Submittal: time it takes for the resume to transfer from staffing vendors to the MSP then from the MSP to the client
  • Quality
    • Vendor Management System (VMS) Availability: an assurance the system will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Fulfillment Success: fulfillment of open positions resulting in successful placements
    • Resource/Vendor Quality: ability to meet and exceed the technical requirements of the request
  • Accuracy
    • Invoicing Accuracy: the guarantee that invoices should be submitted in a timely and accurate manner
    • Reporting Accuracy: the assurance that reports and data do not have missing or inaccurate data

When working with Knowledge Services, SLAs are reviewed on a regular basis with your designated MSP program team and executive management to ensure compliance and confirm we have met (or exceeded) your expectations.

We also utilize the same agreed-upon SLAs in our contracts with staffing vendors, so the same goals and responsibilities are set throughout the program. The vendors are held to the same standards as the MSP. We consistently measure vendor performance and report on SLAs for all vendors within our MSP program, taking a proactive approach by reviewing these results regularly with all vendors, identifying opportunities and providing recommendations to improve program performance and ensure the client’s needs are being met.

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By Anna Bielawski | Sep 16,2015

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